What is your purpose?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What is your purpose?

Use purpose checkup:

Or go to:
The Guide-It Is Power of Purpose.pdf (book form)

A sense of life purpose promotes physical, mental, and spiritual health.
Purpose is fundamental. A life purpose is realized through “intention” —by getting to know
your authentic self, exploring yourgifts or natural talents and passions—choosing the best possible expression to share them with the world. How do we unlock it? We need to believe that we have one. Take action. Think about the way you wake up, and you will learn something about your life’s purpose; your mood. Did you resist getting up or did you get
out of bed with energy and purpose? Write the question, “What are my gifts?” on five index cards. Give them to five
people who know you well and ask them to write their response to the question
on the card. Put them all together in a place where you can see them. What theme
or thread do you see? What are you curious about? Ask yourself who is
really leading the kind of life and doing the kind of work that you envision in
the next phase of your life? Initiate a courageous conversation to find out: what
they like “most” and “least” about their work?These seven reflections will be used as part of your “writing my purpose statement
Born with Purpose, or Choose One? go tothis pdf and go to page 9 out of 20 and finish reading. I can't hold your hand or make your life easier by telling you everything. You should see if this is what you are interested in. If not ignore this blog, thanks, and have a great day with many blessing of hope and happiness, hugs, eva.

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