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Losing Focus and How to Get It Back

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Everything was going great. I was eating right, exercising 120 minutes a day, feeling very positive and motivated, and my blood pressure and weight were under control. I was focused like a laser beam on everything I needed to do every single day to continue my journey and I was living a healthy lifestyle. Then some “thing” or many “things” happened and my focus was gone and everything got “out of focus” for me.

Focus is your ability to gather and direct your attention and concentrate on completing tasks to reach your defined goals.

A big problem area for me has always been distractions and losing focus and getting off track with both my fitness and nutrition plans. I struggle with an “all or nothing” mindset and the months December 2018-February 2019 have really challenged me as I’ve dealt with health problems and time consuming life problems with all the accompanying distractions.

Writing this now it sounds like an excuse, but a sick pet was the start of my losing focus problem. That had a “snowball” affect and it has gotten to the point where at times “my train has jumped off the healthy lifestyle track”! I have struggled to try to follow my healthy plan and lifestyle. At times, I feel like I’m walking on a high tight rope and I need to really work hard to keep my balance. It all started in December 2018 when my Son’s 12-year old sick dog came to stay with me. He was newly diagnosed with diabetes and he came to me to get well since my Son’s family could not do it because of their daily work schedule. I needed to get his diabetes regulated so he could return to his family with a schedule they could manage and live with. When he came to me he was very sick and had gone from 23 pounds to 17 pounds and that’s a lot of weight loss for a small dog. It’s been very time-consuming dealing with his illness, his appetite loss and trying to get him to eat, trying to get his insulin regulated and give it 2 times a day at 12-hour intervals, and all his doctor visits and hospital stays. As of today (3 months later), he has regained health and 3 pounds, which is great! But, I’m still working on getting his insulin level injections regulated. While dealing with those problems, my nutrition stayed somewhat on track but my exercise and fitness have suffered as I’ve simultaneously dealt with sciatica and a numb right leg because of a bruised nerve. All this, along with my newly elevated blood pressure, fluid retention, and weight gain/fluctuation problems, have interfered with what had been working for me in the past. Every day is a balancing act to keep doing all the things on my daily plan that have worked for me.

Health problems (myself, family members, pets)
Busy lifestyle (too many things to do and not enough time, something suffers)
Life’s distractions
All or nothing mindset approach
Laziness and wanting to throw in the towel and quit


First of all, recognize distractions exist and will always be there.
Recognize if and when there is a pattern to the distractions.
Make a plan and schedule time to deal with the necessary distractions.
Learn to say “No” to unnecessary distractions in order to keep focus.


- Think through my whole day before I get started.
- Start using the new SparkCoach start page to help manage my daily tasks.
- Decide what tasks I need to focus on that day.
- Make a full pre-commitment about what I’m going to do, how long I’m going to do it, and exclude everything else.
- Work on one thing at a time on my task checklist.
- Set a timer for the amount of time it will take to do the task and don’t allow anything to take my focus away from what I am doing.
- Be accountable and check off completed tasks on start page.
- Use daily self talk to keep myself motivated.
- Do breathing exercises to calm and relax myself.
- Meditate with body awareness meditation for physical problems.
- Schedule and do exercise to help deal with stress.
- Don’t beat yourself up, just get back on track.


- Make yourself learn how to focus and concentrate.
- Keep your awareness on the task at hand.
- Whenever you feel your awareness drifting, just bring it back.
- To make progress, you must avoid distractions and stay focused on what’s meaningful in
order to reach your goals and achieve the results you want.
- The more focused you are, the more successful you’ll be.

Best wishes to all the SparkFriends who are reading this and hoping you can keep your focus on your goals as you pursue and live your healthy lifestyle. I love SparkPeople and all the help I’ve received over the years. Wishing you all the best life has to offer...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great Insite and info here--thanks for sharing. I will be back, no doubt more than once, when my focus goes wacky like a fun house mirror!
    393 days ago
    What an amazing blog. I think we can all look in the mirror and can relate to this blog. Anyone who has lost weight and regained lost weight. Or started and drifted because of life''s challenges. It's hard to stay with something when suddenly other things become the priority. I think the approach is a good one. Organization, following it is so important. It's a tracker of time. Now you will tract your goals and timing of the things you need to do everyday. I think it is a great idea! You got this!
    548 days ago
    Hi there new Spark friend! Just catching up after being away on vacation and found a new Spark friend!
    I read through your journey on your start page and then this blog.
    Congrats on losing the 90 lbs! Hard work but so worth the effort!
    Losing focus happens to all of us. It is up to you to pull things back together one healthy step at a time. We cannot just revert back to old ways because the weight will also return along with all the negative feelings. Our success is made by learning how to cope differently. That all-or-nothing sounds very familiar and something I’m learning to avoid. You must dig really deep and find that courage to keep moving forward. As your banner states, it’s about the journey, not the destination. You’ve got this! After years of learning and moving on, you’ve got this!

    All of the maintenance info says it’s likely and normal to go through these phases. Once again, learning how to Rezoom quickly is key to maintaining. Drop the worry, fear, doubt. You can do this!

    Best wishes and keep in touch!
    550 days ago
    i know just what you mean about life's "problems" getting in the way of goals but then realizing this is just what life consists of. Great post!
    552 days ago
    Yeah, that all or nothing mind set will getcha every time!

    We can't stay laser focused every day for sure, life can knock us silly sometimes and a sick dog is a lot to deal with! You are a wonderful human to take that on!

    Here's to baby steps getting back on track!

    552 days ago
    Marilyn, You can do this! And, remember, it is okay to say no. emoticon
    558 days ago
    Thank you, thank you for sharing this, sweet Spark friend. I realize that at first you may have been mostly talking to yourself- analyzing what's going off track and how to get back on. But it's helping me too, as I am highly distractable and do a LOT of re-starts. February is always especially difficult for me in energy, determination, and sensible eating. So here's to your encouragement- and to an easier month ahead for each of us! emoticon Lynn
    558 days ago
  • LPORTER2015
    Awesome blog! You've taking the necessary time for refection and to identify the problem. I'm distracted all the time and I'm an emotional eater so staying focused is one of my goals! Thanks!
    558 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    Marilyn this is an amazing blog! The first image made my eyes go funny and lose all focus! and the will to live (only kidding) but you are really strong here. Your son is REALLY lucky that you have looked after the dog and well done for helping so much.
    You clearly know how to get the focus back, step by step, you can do it, good luck, Donna xxx
    558 days ago
    558 days ago
    WoW !!
    I am still digesting what I have read... and I think I will need to read it again... at least once to truly absorb all that you shared.
    and then I have this questions...
    How long did it take you to write this blog?
    It takes me just 2-weeks short of forever to write one of my short blogs/or/journal entries.
    I pray you find yourself back on your healthier choice (and follow-through) path and
    may you find the right healthy path for the pup, too!

    558 days ago
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