What's News in Health community???? Weird stories

Saturday, June 01, 2019

1. Did you know that people are donating their bodies to be used as fertilizer? Just allowing it to decompose on the ground. I bet that would feak anyone out, but there are 6 people so far. I don't think they are dead yet, and where they are going to decompose them wasn't mentioned.

2. During the years 1952-1979, 134,000- 340,000 (amounts may be higher than I mentioned)people died from drinking cow's milk! It happened in middle america, after they had set off a nuclear bomb , and the winds carried it over into diary farms. Where the cows ate the grass! Thank you America for making me feel so secure in what you do with my life & longevity.

3. Also in Peblo Texas the immigrants that are trying to get into the USA illegally are detained. They put them into areas which are suppose to hold a small amount of people, but confine them like they were cattle. 70 into an area that is suppose to hold 40 people, where they can only stand.

4. If you ever eat squid, make sure it if fully cooked. A women recently ate some squid that wasn't totally cooked, and the sperm tried to impregnate her mouth! This was verified on (the

5. Also a person had their ear blown off, so an army plastic surgeon doctor made one out of a 3 d printer using cartledge, and grew it in her leg! Just amazing, wow!
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