Smart Strategies To Live Longer

Saturday, June 01, 2019

1. Monitor and control blood sugar-suagr is one of the biggest culprits for shortening longeveity, and starting illnesses, and diseases.
2. Focus on good fats-If you eat a healthy good fats at every meal you will stay healthier. Fat pulls fats out of your body. The good fats are salmon, sardines, mackeral, & others, nuts and seeds, and oilve oil. The omega fats from fish are known to stop inflammation in your body.
3. Spice up your diet-Not only do they add flavor, but many spices have health benefits, balance hormones, and hold inflammation at bay.
4. Mind your gut-All disease and conditions start in your gut. So if you eat lots of fruits(3-4daily), vegetables( at leeast 1 1/2 cups a day, mostly raw), and grains- you'll be able to have regular bowel movements, and a healthy gut.
5. Prioritize sleep-7 to 8 hours daily
6. Exercise-move everyday for at least 30 miniutes, don't sit alot, and get outside more
7. Avoid exnvironmental toxins-don't run or walk on days where its said to have smog, don't load up on refined carbs-suagrs-man made foods-fast foods-excessive suagrs-excessive caffeine(coffee, pop, or chocolate), limit drinking to no more than i smalll glass a day. Don't buy foods with food additives. Eat only real food. Don't smoke or vap. Don't use anti-microbial soaps or sanitizors. Watch out for bad fats, or processed meats.
8. Socialize- peopel help with wellbeing - join organizations to meet people of like minds
9. Find ways to relax-yoga, go for a walk( walking strengthens Vitamin D-that's necessary for strong bones & eatinbg magnesium foods/ keeps you also from being depressed or nervous, mediatate. be mindful of stress
10. Always drink 8 glasses of water to keep yourt oragns healthy, and kidneys running properly. If you are heavy add 2 more glasses, but shut down before 8 o'clock other wise you will be running to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
11. Always eat a variety of foods to make sure you are geeting all the nutrients you need.
Always remember that food is medicine, and if you want to stay healthy.

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