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I just cannot stop sharing this trick for preserving homemade baked goods

Thursday, July 04, 2019

If you substitute half of the water with starch-water (from boiled potatoes works best, but rice or spaghetti also as long as you don't salt the water) then the baked/fried goods will keep edible for much longer than suspected.

First time I used that trick I made large biscuits, stored them in a plastic bag in the cupboard and ate them for 4 days until they were gone. They stayed soft and pliable the whole time.

I gleaned that trick from an archived New Mexico Newspaper item from about 1905. Yes, the turn of the 19th into the 20th century. This trick couldn't of been a new one even in 1905. Folks have been health conscious and penny-savvy long before a good cigar cost a nickle.

I've been sharing this and posting on the internet over the past 23 years. Yeah, I've been online awhile. It is a darn good trick, and well worth saving starch water for. Most of us don't use that starch water for trimming our trousers, skirts, and tops anymore. That is quite a nifty trick too though. And just know that if you are making noodles fairly often, you can get quite a few uses out of one batch of starch water from cooking pasta.

Just saying. Thrifty is as prudence is. I'd say waste not, want not, but with food around waste not does go to my waist.

You don't have to even chuckle, but I can't help myself. Its either that or cry.

Ciao for now, chow for L8trs.
May the forks be with you.

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