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Being a global human with a long food history, or a member of a current myopic clique.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

My DNA lineage is Scandahovian -- our mix is Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish; My grands settled in America in Michigan for the wooden boat builders and North Dakota for the farmers. But while I love pickled herring (either sauce), flatbrod, lefse, potatskorv, etc.,

I do despise some heritage survival foods like lutefisk (no matter which sauce). hahaha, but that's because my ethnic foods are resoundingly the American Smorgasbord found in the "melting-pot" of American dishes.

My ethnicity is American, albeit through various DNA lines and family traditions sometimes include foreign dishes.
In the sixties, one of my paternal great uncles still refused to speak English unless required by Law or courtesy for business or church. I grew up hearing him speak with my uncles in "a funny language", drinking his boiled coffee served cup&saucer. He'd dribble extra hot coffee on his saucer, on which a sugar cube was perched. He'd swirl it, blow on it, then slurp. For a long time, Sweden led the world in mouth cancer due to this tradition of drinking scalding coffee.

My father spoke Swedish and a smattering of English until he was 12 years old in Bay City Michigan outskirts on a farm in the then Swedish community. The adults chose at that time to only speak the native language after 10 pm when the litet barnet should be asleep. The hymnal, Bible, Worship service was changed for these Christians into English only. This happened during WWII.

We are a land only of immigrants. Even the first "Native" peoples came here from somewhere else. There is only one Human race, and our foods are resoundingly similar in many respects either to how we adapt local plants, and animals, or from common sources that go back to our earliest common heritage.

Really, do you think we invented grilling, steaming, frying and BBQ in modern times? Hello?
Here's a project for you, if you care:

Look for the Fried or Baked bread recipe around the world. Every culture has at least one, and they fit a pattern. The basic is a thin battered light bread -- chips/manna, naan, tortillas, and much more. Even the Chinese, long before Marco Polo, had a bread resembling pizza that was often cooked on a hot rock set aside from the direct fire; but they topped it with oil and herbs. Sound like Foccacia or Post-modern pizza to you? It should. The Chinese even invented pasta noodles long before the Greeks and Italians figured out how to separate themselves from the Minoan heritage.

Our food education globally is so sad. That's why I tried to keep this Spark team going, not as a "hip-hip-hooray for me" kind of group but as one which tried to assist folks in eating healthy foods from around the globe and not bound by time constraints.

Food happens. Get over it, or embrace it. This is not the first one hundred times even around the block for Humanity.

Play with your food, enjoy eating, eat fresh and clean as much as possible not because it is a fad renewed in current times from 150 years ago but because it is a great way to choose your diet and still be healthy.

Accept reality and live your life to the fullest as you chase truth in your pursuit of health. Because without heath we cannot survive, and without spices and techniques that differ we fail to embrace enjoyment.

Selah! (an ancient call for the participants to "now, think about that!")

Nothing wrong with prejudgment, unless you want to live free and not bound to baseless isolationism. The world does not need more people isolating from building a community for the only planet we know our peculiar species exists. The real Hard Sciences have no evidence whatsoever that we are joined by other non-Earth life forms in existence.


I've been enjoying fusion food ideas, the blending of flavors and techniques from different cultures and historic times together as if making a new blend. Please let us enjoy our refueling the body as we exist together on this tiny speck of dust in an extremely huge and mainly vacuous universe.

My choice is to enjoy my life in the right now, from a long history of influences throughout the time humans have existed. I choose flavor, adventure, love, and kindness. I refuse to be bound by modern prejudices based on trends, fads, and monetization of every single thing humans do to be fluid in congress with others. It is great to be an individual, part of a tradition, enjoying your own choices. Logic demands you extend that right to others, without self-aggrandizement. I know, that's a strange concept for most people living today.

Peace to all who seek peace, and to those who choose not to be bound by ignorance. In the words of Woody Guthrie: Enjoy yourselves, it is later than you think. Enjoy yourselves, while you're still in the pink. The years go by more quickly than you think...

Your choice. Tag, you're it.

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  • 1BLAZER282005
    I enjoyed reading this blog. It brought back memories of the 50ths and 60ths in the deep South which troubled me as a child. Prejudice is taught, thank God I didn't learn it. I like our uniqueness and embrace it. Thanks
    31 days ago
    emoticon Gralan only one Race and that is the Human Race! emoticon Peace is bliss! emoticon emoticon for sharing!Enjoy your Day! emoticon emoticon
    212 days ago
    Very interesting
    212 days ago
    212 days ago
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