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Unconventional Maintenance

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

I'm overdue for a blog update! Let me preface the description of my unconventional approach to maintaining my weight loss by saying: we are all an experiment of one! By no means am I declaring my approach as the be-all, end-all for everyone! I've stumbled across this approach over time, trial & error and have found what seems to work for myself. I have to say, I continue to read nothing but good about fasting and intermittent fasting and believe it is the simplest approach for me to manage my weight. And I'm all about SIMPLE, lol!

I fast every week from Sun. night through Tues. noon. @ 36 hours. If I don't like the number on the scale at the end of 36 hours I'll toss another 24 hours on the fast and stretch it out to Weds. noon for a total of 60 hours of fasting. During the rest of the week I do intermittent fasting between 8 pm through noon the following day. My food choices mostly stick with lower-carb fresh veggies, fruit, yogurt, cheese, eggs, tofu, nuts, and oil/vinegar salad dressings. I do not worry about portion control, just snack, graze as I wish.

Processed carbs such as cakes, pies, cookies, candy, cereal, crackers, chips are off-limits aside from a few "tastes" here & there while out with others. Carbie Crack is "disallowed" in the home! No choice!

I do have occasional indulgences while dining out and also may sample my wife's treats. I'll have a beer or two once in a while, perhaps a few times a month. Otherwise I do not drink any caloric beverages and drink mostly water, black coffee and the occasional sugar-free soda.

Despite all of these measures, I do not lose weight over time. This plan simply allows me to maintain my weight between 210-220 pounds. Each week I pick up 8-10 pounds during week and shed the same poundage during my fast. It's sort of a roller-coaster, but a small one and the weekly fasts feel like a cleansing sort of re-set for me that works in its own quirky manner. I feel good about this maintenance routine and have sustained it for a few years now and see no need to change.

One limitation this presents is that during my fasts I've learned the hard way not to overly exert myself physically as once I bonked on a long bicycle ride that really left me feeling woozy and loopy. I can still workout, just not a HARD workout.

It's the workouts that have been my Achille's heel this past year or so...the down side of my successful weight maintenance! If I have mastered maintaining my weight through my food regimen, who needs to work out?!? How to allow success to harm myself, right, lol?

Losing my workout mojo has not been a good thing. My strength and stamina isn't what I want it to be, so I've joined with my wife in following through with a morning workout regimen which for me includes yoga / body weight exercises / strength training with dumb bells & resistance bands.

Take care, everyone, let's SPARK our way through this holiday season and keep our eye on the delightful prize of our health & wellness!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    How did I miss this post? I've been AWOL, I guess. Hectic times as I shift into another gear at work (going freelance and giving up the contract), module system at the Bible school, redecorating my flat (no kitchen at present with the balcony as my fridge!) and planning two more trips to Africa in the year ahead. But that's about ME and this post is about you. I'm glad you are still finding what works for you, unconventional or not. What's conventional anyway? We're all unique! Have a great new year, Don!
    465 days ago
    So glad I decided to check into your Page and discovered you are doing so well (in your own sort of way!). Sounds like Life Is Good, Don, and I couldn't be happier for you. If finding your fitness mojo is your goal for 2020, I have no doubt emoticon

    465 days ago
    You've found a maintenance routine that works for YOU and that's what counts. The Dr. Jason Fung materials on intermittent and more extended fasting absolutely support the direction you've taken!!
    495 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. Want to get back to some intermittent fasting. When I did it twice a week for 2 months I felt better. Just need to figure out how to do it, since I need my breakfast and am.working more hours. This article gave me the motivation
    522 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon
    522 days ago
    What ever works for you is a good thing.
    523 days ago
    Always nice to see you, Don. Glad all's good in your world.
    523 days ago
    Thanks for checking in Don and sharing your maintenance experience.

    I consider myself an intermittent faster as well. I've not done extended fasts as they've been medically ill advised, for me. As you've said we are all an experiment of one. Like you, it has been a process of trail and error. I didn't even realize IF was a 'thing' until fairly recently. It's simply the way I'd been raised: 3 square meals a day, no snacking, no eating after dinner. We'd eat an early dinner and not eat again until breakfast which was typically anywhere from 14 - 16+ hours depending on the day of the week. Breakfast often came later in the day on the weekends. Folks in the household weren't rushing off to work or school.

    In recent years it tends to be a 16+ hour window between dinner and breakfast and it may be 2 meals a day versus 3. I tend to eat sizeable meals versus grazing.

    I just love how different we all are and celebrate the successes we discover for ourselves. It's so delightful to find folks uncovering what supports their efforts to maintain their health and well-being.

    Isn't life grand?!

    Take care, my friend!! emoticon
    523 days ago
    Good to find out what works for YOUR body . . . we are indeed an experiment of one!

    Much success to you (and your wife! )
    523 days ago
  • MARTHA324
    We all have to find what works for us. There is no one way.
    Happy you found your way!
    523 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    523 days ago
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