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Water, Water everywhere

Friday, December 06, 2019

I'm very excited! I just bought myself a water filter/purifier, and it's a good one. I just got so tired of buying cases of water bottles and then having to make trips to the bottle drop recycle center to turn in the empties. Our city water supply is rot gut nasty! I can smell the chlorine as soon as I fill a glass from the tap. Now I have better peace of mind knowing that I am investing in my health in just one more small way.

So I got myself a Berkey water filter, the smaller size, as it is just me and my pup. This model is beautiful stainless steel, with a spigot on the front, making it look, at first glance, like a commercial coffee urn. It has a 1.5 gallon capacity, and it will supply me with plenty of water for my own needs and that of my dog. When it has emptied, I fill it back up, so it is continuously filtering water.
I have a couple glass liter pitchers, that I fill with the filtered water and stash in the fridge.

So far, I'm only on my first day, but this will give me enough water for my own consumption, to get my daily 8 glasses of water, as well as supplying me with enough filtered water for cooking, and enough water for my dog.

Yep, both my dog and I are living a very natural and healthy lifestyle, cutting out most processed foods, and eating organic as much as we can. Zephyr, my dog, eats a natural homemade species appropriate diet, aka raw fed. In addition to her meat proteins, she also gets spinach and cucumbers (that I grow on my little patio), added to her meals. One added benefit to Zephyr being raw fed, is that she gets most of her daily intake of water right in her food, so she requires very little additional water.

So here's to great tasting water. Prost! emoticon
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