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Should I exercise while sick???

Monday, January 06, 2020

Sick with a cold...

This was me this past week...

I’ve been very sick with a cold this past week, not felt well, did very little exercise & tracking, felt guilty about I did a little research & found this helpful info for me to think about.

Source: News5 website cites Mayo Clinic rule

“Regular exercise is good for the immune system helping us fight off simple infections like colds, but should we continue to work out when we're sick?

Experts say that depends on how sick you are. The Mayo Clinic says a good rule of thumb is to use the "neck rule" as your guideline. If your symptoms are above the neck, such as a stuffy nose or sneezing from a mild cold, then you're generally approved to exercise.

If you're symptoms are below the neck, such as a bad cough, fever, muscle aches, or nausea, exercise is not recommended. The exertion could make things worse.”

Then I found this article on SparkPeople...

Here’s the article...
You Asked: ''Is It Okay to Exercise When You Have a Cold?''

Great question! When you are sick, you need to pay careful attention to what your body is telling you. If the cold is primarily in your head, it's okay to exercise, just at a lower intensity (provided you feel okay and have enough energy). Once you are feeling 100% again, then you can slowly increase your activity back to your pre-illness level. If you're feeling sluggish or the workout isn't going well, don't push it. When you push too much, the sickness can end up hanging around longer. 

If your cold is below the neck (in your chest), try to refrain from activity until it clears up. The best thing you can do for your body when it's trying to fight a bug is to give it rest.”


So, for me, my symptoms have been below the neck...reading this made me feel better & now I’m “guilt free”!!! lol....but still coughing and blowing my nose...Anyway, glad I’m on the road to recovery and slowly getting better. Hope this info can help you if you catch a bad cold...But better yet, try to stay healthy & well...Best Wishes to All....
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