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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Morning Sparkies,

It is so hot here today, temps rising, a light breeze is blowing . Thinking of the people over East still battling the fires. No homes, no cars, no petrol, no water or food for some. Travellers trying to get home. Yet so many stories of joy when people help people :)

To balance that there are the looters who take advantage of these terrible days...

The land around us is dry and grey. The animals are being fed by bales of Hay and pellets. Poor Beauty has had a rough week in the smoke and heat. It is tough to leave her there ... we have a spare room with air con :) .

Hubby says " You are mentioning this too often for my liking " :)

We do have trees at the bottom of the hill, in the morning they are cooler with a breeze blowing through. Her water bath is full and the water is cool in there. She did have a cough yesterday as she came up the hill... just one ... maybe it was hay ...

I have finished the Gilmore Girl hats for DD and I. I'm waiting for the pom poms to arrive to attach before displaying the photos.

DS bought me some real wool for Christmas so I am making a scarf for the trip in 2021 also.

My toy projects and usual clothing are made with acrylic as it washes well and doesn't shrink or stretch :)

Weight down a kilo today :) Back to normal meals and no treats. Plenty of water on these hot days .

Hugs to you all thanks for stopping by.

Thinking of you with the cold and snow and ice.

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    emoticon emoticon
    45 days ago
    Hugs and prayers that those wildfires are contained. How awful to think that some people set those fires! And how awful that others take that tragedy to a new low by looting. **SIGH**

    Hmmmmm . . . you'll have to sneak Beauty into the spare room when DH isn't looking. Have a mental picture of that! Hope she's all right, though (seriously) with the smoke. I feel so sorry for all the displaced people and animals.

    45 days ago
  • READY201811
    My son has a friend that has been evacuated over and over. Lost everything they had and nothing to return to. The news reports look horrible. Thankful for are on the other side!!!!! When you get started it sure does not take you long. The Gilmore hats sounds fun. Stay safe
    45 days ago
    So glad you are OK. And of course you are taking the best possible care of Beauty. I suppose she's too big to just sneak her into the house???

    45 days ago
    We have no snow and ice. Only wind and rain with bits of sunshine. So sad about the fires. You did a great job on your project.
    45 days ago
    Stay safe!
    45 days ago
    Congrats on the loss!!

    I'm glad that your area isn't on fire and you're not being directly threatened at this time. Living in California where I do, I know what it's like to see the sky all gray and smokey and to have terrible air quality. We get that every year in the Summer when there's fires all around us. Luckily most years aren't terrible, but when it's bad, it's real bad.

    It's a shame how your fire season has been so terrible. But when you mix dry conditions with people not being allowed and organizations not being funded to clear out debris and dead trees and set back fires to burn off the fuel, fires are bound to happen. Couple that with all of the accidental and purposeful fires started by people and you have a catastrophe. Last I heard they were up to 183 arrests for arson. That is a terrible shame.

    I'm sure Beauty appreciates every little thing you guys do to make her comfortable. Even if you aren't allowed to move her into the house!!
    45 days ago
    Hi Christine! Sorry for missing this until now. I am terribly sorry for what has happened in your beautiful country. My heart goes out to you, the people and the animals. Do you know who Anna Kooeman. Tv journalist, who moved from America to Australia. She has been reporting live. Well it sounds like you are safe. I hope things cool down too.
    Your project looks beautiful, and you have a wonderful talent. (I will do better to catch your blogs from now on).
    Keep us posted please.
    45 days ago
    Praying for Australia! The news is so sad to watch. I'm so glad you are in a safe place. About the spare room... What your husband doesn't know won't hurt him, right? 😂 The scarf is beautiful!
    45 days ago
    Continuing to pray for y’all and those fires. I can’t even imagine what your country is dealing with. I have been blessed so much.

    You are doing great Christine and know how exciting it is to look forward to seeing our children when we haven’t in a long time. Next year will come before you know it.

    45 days ago
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