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Finding my fit!

Friday, January 17, 2020

I've been talking about joining the gym for years.......... then talking myself out of it again. I reason that I can work out at home - I have some dumbbells and resistance bands. I tell myself that I don't like the gym - I don't like the noise or the smell. I don't like being indoors. I reason that I am a runner - I can just run right out my front door any time I want to.

But recently, I've been spending more time at the gym because I support someone else to go to the gym (as part of my work). And I've been surprised at how many people I know up there.

And the weather is rotten - wet, cold, dark, uninviting. I've not been running out of my front door much lately.

So, I've actually signed up for the leisure centre (gym, classes, swimming included). These are all social environment that I can cope with - because people are there for a reason, and doing their own thing. Conversation is mainly based around the activity. That works for me.

I've signed up for a monthly payment that I can cancel with a month's notice (not a 12- month fixed contract) - which takes away the fear of it being too expensive. At the moment, I can afford it.

I just read a blog by Coach Nicole - surround yourself with active people


"You'll find fit people at the gym, your first 5K, the health foods store, your local health fair, the farmers market, a weight-loss support group, in Spinning class and just about any place where fit and healthy people tend to frequent to support their lifestyles."

I can tick most of those off:

- the gym and pool
- parkrun 5k
- the health food/organic store
- the farmer's market
- the sports shop/bike shop
- Strava

I'm feeling positive - I want to be involved with the active community locally - to know what's going on. I know, for example, that there are classes for older people to address fall-prevention etc - some of these people are younger than me and I don't belong to that group, yet - but I know it's there. I have my radar switched on now.

I'm finding my fit.

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