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Monday - trip to doctor and generally good news

Monday, March 16, 2020

I have things to do for school and got started today on them. I called my doctor and he said I HAD to come in since I had respiratory symptoms and they can't risk missing someone who MIGHT possibly be sicker than I thought. He put me on three prescriptions and agreed it is my usual garden variety bronchitis. The best news was that while he agreed that I shouldn't be at work until I feel better, he doesn't consider that I am high risk. Despite my age and health conditions, he said I am active and heal quickly when I am sick. He said IF I am not better by the end of the week, he will write me an excuse until I AM better. His thought is that while I am sick, my immunity is compromised but when healed, I am pretty resistant to most illnesses. The only sicknesses I get are stupid hours of bronchitis!

Everyone relax, smile and stay strong! We haven't figured out why WV has no cases, but the consensus is that our winding roads and potholes are good for something - detouring Covid -19 virus from finding us. Of course, only 84 people so far have been tested here and 80 have come back negative and 4 are still waiting for results.

Be blessed and a blessing for those less fortunate and BE KIND and appreciate those who are still serving us despite the risks!
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