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2020-04-02 Rambling thoughts..

Thursday, April 02, 2020

NOTE: This will be disjointed and as titled 'Ramblin' I have not proof-read nor re-read it.. just hitting keys as a thought pops into my head .. that I feel the need of expressing.. So, you may just want to not read this at all.. but if you need a SprarkPoint for reading a blog.. just say "HI"
Please don't leave a 'canned' response... you know ones,, even one of those really cute works of art that you are leaving everywhere today... I will just delete it when I see it.

Thinking, and Planning... and Finding a "new" normal
(AND the whole world cannot wait to get back to their 'old' normal)
WELL, on 2nd thought there are people in this world whose only crime is the country where they were born and still live.. and their normal, new or old, is not one that anyone I know or have had the merest acquaintance with would want to have as any form of 'normal' for themselves or anyone they truly cared for. Yes, I dare say that anyone reading this blog.. no matter how hard things are for them right at this moment in time... are living the good life as compared to so very many others born in different countries of this world. (and maybe just different parts of their country)

Our lives could be so much worse than they are right now...
I think even the atheist(s) and agnostic(s) are counting their Blessings
being grateful for all that they do have.

I think everyone that I know or have an internet pen-pal acquaintance with lives in a country that has abundant, in somewhat normal circumstances, health care and all the other modern day services...
But last evening I was reminded that there are countries like Haiti where health care and human services are a luxury... and not just in a neighborhood but the country as a whole. My friend half jokingly said, "the population is so dense that there isn't enough space for every one to be 6 feet (or more) away from everyone else."

Most every comment I have read on this site...
the worst case scenarios have gone something like this..

Looking for .... (product)..... not found on the store shelves ...
try again another time/day.. found it... may have taken several tries

Job lock-out.... sign(-ing/-ed) up of unemployment
Working from home... still have a job.

Self-Isolate (-ing/-ed) ... missing my "NORMAL"...
but I have my NECESSITIES... just MAYBE not may wants, on demand

I have my INTERNET.... access to just about anything anywhere in the world (I do have a friend who does not have internet.. I think she would like it, but her husband says, NO) I cannot imagine being in a relationship where at least to outsiders I would appear to be free slave labor.. unappreciated and treated as a second class citizen.. but they have been married for about 2-weeks short of forever ... and well to each their own we make choices and live with the results ... until we make other choices.

I have my PHONE..l can talk to my friends, neighbors, & relatives... just by pushing a few buttons !!

I have the TIME to empty that closet/nook/cranny and clean and evaluate whether to keep or donate items...

I have the TIME to read that novel/magazine that I have wanted to read for what seems like just 2-weeks short of forever..

I have TIME to just enjoy the family I live with... actually have time to really talk or play, to really listen to what they are saying... things that just may have been getting set to the back burner of life.... because there just were not enough hours in the day.

I have TIME to do things for others.. like I must make a trip to the store... what can I get for others (especially those whose health is so delicate they cannot leave their home) while I am there and leave their needs on their doorstep, ring the bell and go. Well, to be honest I really don't dare to go into stores I am a couple weeks from my 78th anniversary of birth ... I like to think I am hale and hearty... but right now I have issues that remind me I am not in my 30's, 40's, 50's or even my 60's any longer ... but you know what... IF I felt that someone really needed me to go to a store for them... I would do it... because.. that is just how I am wired. and I would trust in my faith that all would be as it should be. Maybe someday if someone asks about my faith... I will share my story with them.. But it is too precious a story (and continuing to grow) for me to share with anyone who is not truly interested in what makes me tic. To me it would be like taking a gourmet perfect meal for 20 and throwing it in the trash rather than sharing it with people who are truly hungry and would be grateful for the sustenance.

Well, I must shut this down...
This morning I discovered that my refrigerator/freezer was not working... it wasn't hot inside but it wasn't cold either.. Called the repair folks... and I was the first call stop of the day for repairs.... Thankful that it was the start-relay-for-the-compressor that died.. so he said it was an $18 part.. so the cost should be a whole lot less than a new refrigerator !!
But did need to throw out the thawed fruits and veggies... & Cooking the rest.
Will have lots of "Left Overs" in the frig by the end of today!!
Oh, well. It could have been so much worse.

Happy Thursday... May your life be abundantly blessed ... and may you recognize even the wee little blessings, too. It is usually easy to recognize the big blessing but does tend to take a real awareness to value the little ones.

Wow.. Did you really read all of this rambling chat?
Have a great day, and a Long, Happy, Healthy life.
Ta-Ta Audra
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I absolutely did read all of your blog and you're right - we have SO many conveniences that being forced to stay home isn't really that big a sacrifice. Yes I miss being able to visit the nursing homes to bring them some music and gathering with friends for coffee, but I have a phone and email to stay in touch with friends and family and I can still get out for a walk and enjoy a beautiful spring day.
    I'm reminded of Erma Bombeck's (I think) favourite portion of verse - "And it came to pass.." Yes we'll be inconvenienced for a time but eventually life will return to something like it was before (I expect there will be some changes). In the meantime we can be thankful for all the things that we do enjoy and take for granted.
    58 days ago
    Yes, I did read your entire ramble and I can relate to much of it.

    As I mentioned to someone, just yesterday I think - after 09/11 when we didn't know what the future might hold or if there even would be a future my thought, which I did share with my DH at the time, was "I have no complaints. If this is the end, I've lived a good life". I still feel that way although I definitely do not want my passing to be long or painful. I'll be 68 soon and I am hoping to live another 20-25 years, at least!
    58 days ago
    Sorry about your frozen foods... see, I did read to the end!

    You're absolutely right that things would be so much worse if we lived in a third world country. Did you see the pictures from (I think) Bangladesh of the migrant workers cowering on the road while "officials" used water cannons to spray them with disinfectant?

    I worry about the homeless everywhere. Shelters in Toronto have had to cut the number of beds or find additional locations in order to provide safe space. Many of the people using shelters have addiction or psychiatric problems... how in the world can they take on this extra crisis?

    The next two weeks are supposed to be the crucial time in Ontario to flatten the curve. We are still seeing hundreds of new cases every day. Encouragingly, though, the number of people who have recovered from the disease is also going up, and deaths are relatively low... except in long-care homes, which are being hit very hard.

    I think all we can do is follow the best advice available, pay attention to the daily reports, self-isolate as much as is possible... we go out to get the mail and walk around the block... that's it. Siobhan informed us last week that we should not be going for groceries, so she and Chris shop for us once every week to 10 days. I'm using up a lot of things from the freezer, and grocery orders have been small, but I feel bad asking them to do this for us. Siobhan is working from home, and of course has Aria, and as a police officer, Chris has a lot extra on his plate right now. But they insist and we are grateful.

    Take care of yourself; I agree that "what will be, will be".

    58 days ago
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    59 days ago
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