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It's Day #37 of my 90 Day Challenge!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Hey Sparkers!

It's Saturday and looks pretty darn beautiful outside already. I may just go find a mountain, or at least a large hill, to go hike up this holiday weekend. Solitude hiking isn't one of my favorite things to do. I much prefer the company of my hiking partner extraordinaire (#runswithdeer I'm talking about you), but sometimes solitude isn't so bad. Especially when it's your only choice at the moment.

I am on Day #37 of my 90 Day Challenge. How's it going? I must say it's going well! A bit different than I was expecting, but overall I'm very pleased with it and all that I am learning about myself.

One of the things I began doing two weeks into this challenge, was tracking my calories. This is something that I've really never committed to doing, for more than a few days. I've always had a reluctance to do it. Maybe I was just being lazy (always a possibility). Or maybe I didn't really want to face the truth (more of the likely possibility). So I'm facing my truth now, and I've learned SO much over these past few weeks. The caloric count in foods and drinks has made me learn to respect the calorie count much more than ever.

What have I learned? That to hit my calorie count for the day, and the counts for my protein, carbs, fats and fiber, can be challenging, but it's do-able. Making the decisions on what is "worth" the calories, has been so eye-opening to my own behaviors.

Self-awareness. Always a key to success for me....even if it hurts the ego a bit getting there.

There's HOW MANY calories in my favorite drink? Holy-Toledo!

Discovering all of the MANY tracking tools here on Spark, has been amazing, too. I truly did not take the time before, to discover all of the many ways you can use this site, to help you through your journey to becoming a healthier version of yourself. Bravo, SP! And thank you!

I started out with a vegetarian plan, but have since added in fish. I do love my fish. It is working out really well for me. I've discovered all kinds of new recipes, and created some of my own. I LOVE vegetables, and always have. I clicked a few pics of a few creations, and will share them below for any foodies out there who enjoy drooling over healthy, tasty foods.

Fitness has been going well. I'm running regularly again! Right now I've created what I call my "Triangle Plan". The Triangle Plan is divided into 3 parts. The bottom part is the "base" and that is a regular 2 mile run, with a focus on getting it strong and a bit quicker than my normal pace. 2nd part is what I call the "Magic Miles" and those are ran at more of a long run pace, with quicker sprints at intervals. The 3rd part is what I call "Dessert" which is my daily yoga practice and strength training sessions a few days a week.

Just a little mind manipulation on what Dessert is for me now :)

Don't ask me why, but this works for me. The visual that I create every day, breaking up the workouts, labeling them and then getting out there and doing it, just makes me want to keep up with it. So I'm quite pleased with my progress there.

Chaturanga is the yoga pose I am working on right now. I am not nearly strong enough up top to do this pose in a way you could call pretty. I've face planted a few times, but am pretty happy with my progress. The teachers I follow, have loads of strengthening exercises that I focus on and have helped enormously.

It's all about the data. Boy, have I learned what the value is in diligently journaling my progress, I thought this might start moving to the wayside over time, but I've kept up with it every day and am so grateful I did. I weigh myself every day, and log the weight. Once a week I do measurements.

I'm finding the measurements are what hold the most satisfaction for me, not the number on the scale.

Most importantly, I'm not holding that number on the scale over my self esteem. This is a win for me, as I used to do that to myself.

Progress over Perfection xo

Pita bread with veges and hummus, fruit and a coconut yogurt dip. My new favorite cold side dish of lentils, jasmine rice, shallots, tomatoes, olive oil and seasonings all mixed together. So good!

Blueberry Lemon Protein Pancake. Oatmeal, egg whites, greek yogurt, lemon juice and blueberries for the batter. Using some lemon curd on the top brought that lemony flavor out even more. Not pictured: forgot to add the plain greek yogurt to the curd to make more of a yogurt topping. Really good!

Peanut Butter Oatmeal made with egg whites and banana, hemp seed sprinkled on top. I found this recipe on Clean and Delicious's website, and will never eat oatmeal any other way. The egg whites make it so creamy and delicious. A morning favorite!

Yoga session with my grandpuppy looking on, then joining in. She's such a sweet little thing xo

Her puppy pose is pretty strong!

Enjoy the weekend, Sparkfriends!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Counting calories, my reason for joining Sparkpeople many years ago. Now I'm counting my protein intake. Got to admire anyone that can change up their diet for a while, not to mention you are doing it for 90 days. Speaking of changing one's diet, I've been staying away from diary products, red meat, fried foods, you know to improve my cholesterol levels, eating oatmeal, fruits, and veggies. I'm supposed to get my results back today. I know it will be better. Ah, but how much better.
    I love the idea of lentils, rice, and vegetable mix, i'm gonna have to try it. Ooh and humus should be added to my diet for the protein! Good idea LFOAR! emoticon
    77 days ago
    Great blog! You're doing a fantastic job! emoticon emoticon Your recipes look tasty and healthy. Thank you for sharing!!

    79 days ago
    Great blog lady!! Love the downward dog with the puppy. I think one area hit home with what I do and that’s when I am mindful and ask “is it worth it” reading those labels and taking a moment to think can really effect my choices. Your doing Great!,,
    79 days ago
    That side dish with the lentils sounds amazing. I will have to try that! I am hungry for! Thanks for the great ideas :)
    80 days ago
    Congratulation on all the progress that you have me. I am impressed with your fitness achievements, and you’re consistent tracking and eating healthy. Way to go!
    80 days ago
    What a great blog and I can just visualize your "triangle" in a bullet journal. I find keeping track visually really helps. I can see a page with six triangles representing 6 weeks. For each triangle you put lines to represent each day. As you do the work-outs you "color" in the triangle and end up with an awesome visual. Keep up the great work. I'm sending you a picture of my new toy. Look for it in your messages.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    80 days ago
    Writing down what is in your cold side dish, looks good and healthy, will try it.
    80 days ago
  • LORI-K
    May I please come over and dine with you, Brenda? Darn this quarantine. Your food looks delicious and amazing.
    Laser focus, that’s what I read here. You have developed a very good plan and are executing it like a pro. I love that ”triangle” plan. Awesome!!
    I hope you get out for a beautiful hike today. Keep blogging about your progress because it is awesome and inspiring.
    The pic with your puppy is adorable.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    80 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    What a Wonderful Blog!! I love the deep dive into cooking all types of different dishes!! Everything you shared sounded Mouth Watering Amazing!! Im soo gonna try this egg white oatmeal.. Yumm- Puppy Pose made my heart smile😀⭐️ Have a great weekend!
    80 days ago
    Ty 4 yur post.. I have tried dieting off N on for yrs. Now I m 61, have medical issues & have been told losing wt is a slow, very slow process & mite not happen. Finding the rite diet & on a fixed income is challenging 4 me. So many different diets.
    80 days ago
    OMG, I love peanut butter in my oatmeal. Have also used PB2, powdered peanut butter. And yes, adding egg white makes it so creamy!

    You're doing a good job with the tracking. I can only say it really helps me to see things in black and white.

    HOPE you climbed that mountain, or at least that hill! Lovely here, too.

    80 days ago
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