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"Other Goals"

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

At the moment I have four daily "other goals" in Sparkpeople.
* Take Metamucil
* Make my bed
* Do the dishes
* Floss my teeth

None of these will help me lose weight or even be in better shape but they are important. I tell people if my bed is made and my dishes are done I feel like freaking June Cleaver. I don my imaginary pearls and get through the day with the class and panache of a 50s TV housewife. If I hang up my coat the minute I walk in the door I feel like Mr Rogers and sing the Neighbor song to my cat. I live alone so I am the only one who is going to pat me on the back.

The other two - Metamucil & flossing are just because "I should". No one is going to check my bowels or between my teeth to see how clean they are so that's not a motivator. Without a little check box on Sparkpeople to give me just a little squeeze of positive reinforcement, I'm afraid most days I would mean well but just didn't get around to it.

A couple days ago I was looking at my other goals and saw that I hadn't accomplished any of them that day. I then decided to time myself. I washed the dishes, made my bed, drank my Metamucil and flossed my teeth in under 15 minutes! Who knew I could get such a sense of accomplishment in under a quarter of an hour???

This is day 16 of measuring and logging everything I consume (even my 45 calories of Metamucil). I am moving every day and have even gotten to week 3 day 3 of Couch to 5k but nothing really gives me as much joy as spending 15 minutes a day proving to myself I can be relied on to do what I need to do. These Other Goals are making a huge positive change in my life, possibly more than eating and moving intentionally.

But now I want more. I want to set more "other goals" to my daily list. Maybe just another 15 minutes of things I "should" do everyday but don't necessarily get around to. I am still up in the air but have started a short list of possibilities. The plan is to write as long of a list as I can then choose three that would make the biggest difference in my life immediately.

* Clear the table off completely
* Take a multivitamin (I eat clean but am still falling short on some important vitamins)
* Deal with any clothing piled on my bedroom chair
* Sweep the kitchen floor
* Straighten my desk
* Touch base with one of three daughters, three granddaughters or one mom (that's 7!)
* Touch base with one friend
* Scoop the kitty box
* Find one thing in the house I don't love and donate it.
* Give the bathroom a good wipe down.
* Say thank you three times even if it is just to myself.
* Fix, patch or maintain one possession
* One act of self-care: a pedicure, eyebrow shape, a glamor bath, do my hair up....

Out of curiosity, what one daily chore would you put on this list? I am always looking for easy bang-for-the-buck new habits. It is so much easier to form new good habits than to extinguish old bad ones.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The things that make the biggest difference in my life, that I do daily are:
    These are my 3 things that are non-negotiable.

    I think the things that are on your list that would make the biggest difference in your life would be:

    Meditate (I know it's not on your list, but it should be on your list! LOL!)

    Touch base with a family member

    Say thank you three times - or better yet, write a list of appreciation for a thing or a person.
    For example, you could say, "I love having a clean kitchen. I so appreciate myself when I take 10 minutes to do my dishes and make things look organized. I appreciate waking up to a clean kitchen. I appreciate the feeling of accomplishment that I get from doing a few simple tasks each day. I appreciate how quickly I can accomplish this goal because I have hot water that comes from a large tank and soap to get the job done more effectively."

    WHY NOT appreciate your hot running water? It wasn't that long ago we had to haul water from a well and heat it up to do the dishes.

    304 days ago
    Good idea to do these quick daily mini-goals. I should probably do this too - flossing teeth & scooping cat boxes would be good ones for me, since I tend to procrastinate on them.
    304 days ago
    Keep my grocery list up to date so it's not a mad dash on shopping day (which isn't very often anymore)
    304 days ago
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