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Email to my doctor follow up

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Well I emailed my doctor and was truly schocked when she called me instead of replying. She was truly scared that I had gone so long without a bowel movement. After years of post colorecal cancer plumbing issues, I have learned just to take it day by day and not focus too much on it all. But I guess one BM in a month is a serious deal.

I went to see her first thing the next day after promising to go to the ER if I had problems before that. Blood tests, urine tests, and xrays were my entire Friday morning. It seems I am F.O.S. - full of "stool" (snicker). Now, probably unlike you, I have had six colonoscopies in the last seven years so I am no stranger to "the cleanse". The doctor gave me instructions for a three-laxitive weekend and I am going back Monday morning to prove (by weight?) that I am starting to clean out. After only 24 hours I had lost over five pounds! There is nothing like having all the success of 4 weeks of effort show up in one day!

I feel so light and bouncy!

Because the walls of my colon were so distended, I will be on a daily laxative for a month so my colon won't have to do that much work and can heal. On the upside, I was able to honestly tell her about my current diet, water and exercise. I even showed her a monthly report on on Spark People. I may be FOS but I have the data to back me up!
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