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I crack myself up...

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Bwa ha ha ha! I tried so hard to go for my run this morning. Honest. I did get in 15 minutes of walking and about 6 minutes of running but you know how the best intentions go sometimes.

I have an appointment at 11:30 with a GI surgeon because of... reasons. But there was no reason I couldn't get in my morning run beforehand.

Lovely, I forgot to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer last night. Whatever, I will make myself a tiny pre-run breakfast and spark a bit while they dry.

30 minutes later realize I didn't actually turn the dryer on. Whatever, I will wear slightly worn clothes and my least favorite running bra.

Where the heck are my shoes???
Where the heck are my glasses so I can find the shoes???
Hip bag. check. phone. check. ear buds. check. fitbit. check.
(stall just a bit because I am a bit sluggish because of... reasons)
Doubt whether I have time to run.

Double check, yep I still have time if I don't drive anywhere to run.

Walk out the door!!

C25k week 6 run 1 podcast. started. Strava app. started. fit bit. started.

Yay! On my way to a path right along the river I've only walked, never run.
Start with a 5 minute warm-up walk.
So excited for week 6. Oh, the neighbor is having a rummage sale. Wild irises are blooming.

Podcast stops. Look down and my phone is preforming a huge OS update while I am trying to run! Whatever, this won't take long. keep walking and start running when the fitbit says 5 minutes.

Update is at 4% So that's not coming back anytime soon.

Okay, I've now walked 5. Nothng else to do but run!

I've never been down to the river spillway at this time of day. The light reflecting off the river is blinding. And it is hot. And my bowels are growling in a threatening way.

Then my shoe untied itself. Stop to tie it and dang. the shoestring broke.

Decided I had showed more than enough grit to be proud of myself.

I turned around to walk home promising myself that this evening I will drive myself the couple miles to my favorite woodland path and on the way, stop for all new shoestrings!

Because dang it, I deserve them.
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