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""I'm Celebrating My 3rd year Anniv. of Being Seizure Free~A Very Blessed Day For Me""

Friday, July 03, 2020

I got my 1st seizure when I was 19. After 3 of them, and going to see a neurologist, having many tests, he determined I had epilepsy, caused by some kind of trauma. I was angry, HATED God for doing this to me..why me, had I done something wrong, and was this His way of punishing me? Of course, I had grand mal seizures (the worse kind) & the hardest part of them was that I never knew when if I was getting one.
Throughout these many years, I had many seizures. and also lived with depression, shame, embarrassment, unhappiness, and yet I kept trying to please people so they would love me even tho' I had these seizures. I was in the hospital from the end of April 2017 till the end of May 2017 caused by seizure & a stroke, and almost losing my life. When I got home I cried and asked God "Why didn't you just take me"? Then I smiled and replied "or can't You put up with me yet?" From that day on I finally learned to love myself first, finally deal with stress in a positive way, and to be happy with myself... A month later, July 2nd, 2017, I had a seizure,...the last one since.which was exactly 3 years ago today..36 months ago..Today, I'm more than happy, indescribable happy and stronger than I've ever been, keeping going till this day. And I know God will give me the strength to keep right on going.
Thank you for letting me share my thoughts & feelings today by the images below.
It's my way of expressing my happiness, that are just too hard for me describe with words.

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