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Have I Mentioned My Love of Monday's?

Monday, July 06, 2020

Monday's emoticon are a fresh start to the week and boy did I need another one of those!

We had a wonderful 4th! emoticon emoticon though I was too busy taking care of the dogs to go out and watch the fireworks that ALL of the neighbors seemed to be determined to be putting up (have I mentioned we are a small subdivision of mainly veterans and policemen?) I wish I could have seen it, I LOVE fireworks. Just like my anxious butt loves roller coaster rides. Once I get skinny enough we are SO going to Six Flags and me and my oldest are going to have a BLAST!!! My youngest thinks they are scary, but I think it is an exhilarating thrill! Weird for a person with severe anxiety, I KNOW!!! Bridges? Those things scare me. Roller coaster rides make me want to go again, at least, last time I was on one they did. Who knows, I might try it again and have an anxiety attack and never be able to get on another one, I just know that my goal for next Summer is to be able to go on a roller coaster with my DD's.

Can you tell I'm a bit scatterbrained today?

So, today a lot hit me. For one, school starts, soooooooon! Too soon! I have to start slowly getting myself (and my kids) ready for getting up earlier. And, I work out easier/with less dragging of feet, in the morning. So earlier to bed, early to rise... you know the saying, lol. My kids are being really understanding. They are even being understanding that closer to school starting I'm going to be taking electronics away at bed time (except kindles, I'll let them read themselves to sleep - they are the kind that you can only read on). Call me old fashioned, but I want my kids to actually sleep at night!

So my game plan is to just do what I can hitting the ground running, or, um, sleeping, tonight early and get up early. I'll have everything set up to get changed, shower and dressed in the bathroom that is in the exercise room. It is tiny, and as long as my Golden doesn't insist on being in there with me, it should be fine.

I have come across a dilemma with coffee. I can't stand to drink normal coffee any more. Really, I have tried and tried, it used to be my morning cup of joy, but now I do not want. I have found that green tea in the morning, I do not need sweetener with, it is a hot drink, which replaces my minds routine need for a hot drink in the morning, and I recently did something that I wanted to reward myself for and so I'm getting this beautiful glass teapot with cups and it comes with a sampler of blooming edible flowers. It is green tea that has the edible flowers in it, so it is a beautiful display everytime you make a pot. So my mornings will be spent not at the desk, but after the kids wake up I'll be at the table, setting up my task list for the day, talking about how OUR day is going to go (aka morning meeting) and journaling. I'm even thinking about starting a 6 week zentangle course to keep down there. I won't get the teapot till the end of next week, but I have an array of teas from sampler bundles that I've bought in the past to work my way through till then. I even have a teapot I picked up that I can use till it comes in if I can keep my youngest from leaving tea in it overnight and trying to grow things in it (EWWW). Can you tell I like things clean? LOL. But I love tea, I've drank tea since I was a tot with my Mom, when we would go out to eat chinese I would always get green tea, hot, no sweetener, with her. Did till she moved away and we couldn't go out to eat as often together. W drank it at home too. So I still love my Fraps. Don't know about latte's that is a bit too close to coffee. I tried one the other day but they burned the milk so I have no idea if I'd have liked it or not.

I think this morning routine sounds peaceful (as peaceful as having teens can be). I'll have my time before the family gets up, I'll have my first cup of tea, with my youngest probably, she gets up first. I'm getting the kids up 30 minutes early this week, and then an hour early starting on the 15th (I've been letting them sleep in quit a bit, but they stay up late too). I just don't want them to be zombies on the first day of school. Heck, I want to be able to function on their first day of school!!!

So, I'm getting all my stuff downstairs and deciding when to get up/go to bed and what kind of workout to do. I want to do some on the treadmill, but I think I want to start working on a DVD that I used to be able to do. I want to work towards doing all of it again. Worth the hard work? Heck yes! Now to go get all my stuff down to the exercise room and get DH to show me how to use the DVD player and work it correctly (and get all the stuff out of the way so I can MOVE!!). I've got a good hour of prep ahead of me, since this will be my first time doing this in a while, gotta get everything ready!

Still, if I can just take this one day at a time and keep moving forward, that is one more day towards my goal. Now to go get some tea and start getting things prepped!!


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    Ahhh. Tea! 😊☕
    We always started getting into school routine early, too. It makes a difference. When the kid started high school, I figured I'd need to say something the week before though I was less bossy/more decisions have consequences mom. The kid did it on his own, without me ever saying a word about it. emoticon
    26 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Good thing you're setting up for those school mornings now!
    31 days ago
    You've got the plans! And they all look good. Best of luck with the new school year!
    My younger daughter loves tea too and I got her a tea cup and the blooming teas for Christmas. They are so pretty!
    31 days ago
  • LIS193
    32 days ago
    You are wise to get prepared for the change when school starts. I remember doing that w/my kids, too. It pays off.

    32 days ago
    32 days ago
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