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True Confessions of an Emotional Eater

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

This has been the longest 24 hours I've come through in a very long time. Maegann's migraine added the fun of nearly full memory loss by about 3am. She came in and woke me up then very fearful and I then found some supplements to give her that would help her fall asleep. It worked as she didn't wake up again until about 1pm. Didn't see much progress, but got her to eat, take some meds and then she fell back to sleep until about 5pm. I had asked Michaell to come over tonight to hang out with her since he was one person she had remembered throughout which meant he wasn't a negative memory as those usually go first and longest to reappear. She did pull out of it for several hours tonight and we even played a game of Monopoly. By bedtime the headache was coming back and she needed sleep. Got her to take her night meds which should help her fall asleep. I doubt she'll be at the salon tomorrow either.

Because of all this I was tired all day and could not focus well. I tried, but I couldn't even get the client plan finished although I gave it good effort. I was thankful Isaac was able to go over to Nate's for a few hours and have some fun.

It's midnight now and I'm waiting on Maegann to fall asleep before I head to the other side of the house. I found a fun tribute to a team of Broadway songwriters to keep me company while I do some SP time. Great music! The first number was from "Chicago" (He had it coming.) and that's such a fun one.

One thing that fell apart today was emotional eating. I treated myself to a blueberry donut (I had to go by the grocery store for a couple things), Panda Express for lunch and then had some ice cream tonight with the three kiddos. I guess it could have been worse, but it wasn't as good as my planned salad and bbq chicken. Not going to kick myself over it though as it was a one, tiring, emotional day out of 365.

Tomorrow I am claiming that I will have had a solid night of sleep, Maegann will be much better and possibly able to tackle a partial day at the salon (a girl has to dream) and I can get my paid work finished. My chore goal is to clean out the refrigerator and freezers as my clutter project of the day.

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