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90 days in and 5+ goals met

Saturday, August 22, 2020

1. Today is day 90 of showing up and sparking every single day! This is my most life changing streak.

2. Yesterday I ran my first 5k of the summer! I have gotten out into the woods and "run" every other day since Memorial Day. This is my easiest streak... after just a couple weeks of following my c25k podcasts, "making a run-like motion" has become my drug. Some days I am sad when it hits me that it is my day between runs. I have slowly gone from alternating 60 second "runs" and 90 second walks to making a nice slow run-like motion for 45 without dropping down to a walk and enjoy every single minute except the last couple. This combined with the fact that every one of these runs were in the woods, along the river, or around a lake has brought all the blessings that 'forest bathing' can bring. I am very lucky to live very close to several amazing trails. I am spoiled and I know this.

3. I have weighed, measured and logged every bite I've put into my mouth since Memorial Day. This has become a firm habit and a bit of a game. I normally weigh my food with a food scale instead of using measuring cups. It has become my own little game of gambling and guess to try to pour out exactly 60 grams of blueberries or 15 grams of walnuts or cut the perfect one ounce slice of cheese. When the scale shows exactly what I guessed I feel like I won on a game show! (applause)

4. Three months ago I also set several "other goals" that I list as daily tasks on the new Start page's task list. Do I do every single one every single day? No, sigh, but almost always! Here are my "other goals":

Make my bed
Floss my teeth
Take out the compost
Scoop the litter box
Do the dishes and wipe down the kitchen
Completely clear off the table

These are on top of exercise, water and nutrition goals. I live alone so the only slob I have to keep up with is myself. On amazing days I don't have to clear the table because I've kept it neat all day (weird). I can't tell you how these 7 little daily habits have changed my life. Having a clear table, done dishes and a made bed makes my life so much more relaxed. I am not a neat freak but I do find clutter stressful. And seriously, I have found that when you scoop the kitty box every single day, the litter lasts forever! Who knew this was going to be a money saving habit? Meditating is something I do quite naturally when on a run or doing a body scan before falling asleep but in these three months I have been consciously taking off time in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the day to focus and let go. This, this has really changed the game.

5. And when I sat down to write this I was going to shout to the internet that I have lost 20 pounds at about 1.5 pounds a week. But alas I weighed myself a couple minutes ago and I went up for some reason so that once I again I am knocking on that 20-pound door again. When this happens, which it does quite often, I just look at the graph of my weight over the last 90 days and can see that I have had little gains followed by slightly larger losses all the way through. I think its jiggly little line of ups and downs is kinda cute.

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