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End o' August - monthly goal review

Monday, August 31, 2020


So it is the last day in August. Technically I am a year older than I was at the beginning of August. And as the month of August progressed we went from the dog days of summer to hints of autumn on the breeze.

I have now logged onto Sparkpeople every day for 99 days. So yep, I logged in everyday in the month of August.

Beside the obvious (eating well, exercising, goal setting...) Sparkpeople means so much to me. It has displaced Facebook in my electronic diet (okay not all of Facebook). I tell everyone I am a militant optimist because I will kick the crap out of any cloud to make it cough up a silver lining. But it is so much easier to be positive when you hang out on a site that is bubbling over with optimism, stick-to-it-ness, and overwhelming amounts of support.

And yep, I measured and logged every bite BEFORE I ate it except for an amazing small piece of birthday cake and a square of dark chocolate while hanging out with a friend on her deck after a long chatty walk. But I looked at it hard and knew it was less than an ounce (I eat an ounce of dk chocolate quite often so I have a pretty good feel for what an ounce looks like) I logged it not too long afterward. I also tried my best to log the birthday cake (I based it on a piece of cake from Perkins) but since it was made by my granddaughter and is a once a year splurge, I consider it spiritually necessary. So I am going to declare this goal fulfilled.

The highest bar I set and the goal which I am most proud of is recording 1,000 minutes of aerobic exercise in the month of August. As of today, August 31, I already have 1,067 Minutes recorded and I still have all of today to easily get that up to 1,100. There is nothing like going over a goal by 10%! 1,000 minutes in 31 days is about 33 minutes a day on average. I ran 30-45 minutes every other day for a total of 60 miles in August! I'm slow but I can make a run-like motion for at least 30 minutes without dropping to a walk. I am starting on 4 September to train to run 60 minutes on the way to my ultimate goal of 5 miles. On the days in between I walked, biked or played Wii Just Dance on the rainy days.

So yep, I am pretty proud of myself for keeping the promises I made to myself. I am the best friend, coach, cheer leader, chef and running partner this girl has ever had. I really appreciate myself for doing all this for myself. I thank myself often. I am going to take the rest of the day to come up with a solid list of tough but not too tough goals for September.
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