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Making a run-like motion

Friday, September 04, 2020

On a runners group on facebook there was a woman who was heartbroken because some "runner" told her that she was too slow to call herself a runner and that all she was was a mere jogger. Akkk! Honestly rude people are everywhere so one rude runner isn't going to bother me but I had to laugh.

I am a runner because I run. So in my heart I am a runner. But my 15 minute miles aren't going to impress anyone in tennis shoes so I tend to say I "make a run-like motion" for 45 minutes every other day. I tell people I say it this way because I don't want to give even jogging a bad rap. But honestly I say this because it is my philosophy on running.

Making a run-like motion means I am out there every other day without any soul crushing expectations of myself. I am 50 pounds over weight. I have chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy - a residual consequence of not dying from both rectal and colon cancer a few years back. Honestly, having pins and needles from the knees down is a bother but is so much better than dying that I don't mind all that much. Because of the ants that live under my skin, I call it "faith based" running - I just have to believe the ground is down there because I can't really feel it.

Making a run-like motion means I am always paying attention to my run-like form. To move like a runner I have to focus on my foot strike, my pelvis, my posture, my hands, my arms and even my head. I try not to be too bouncy thereby wasting what little bit of energy this almost-60 year old can muster.

Making a run-like motion means that every time I stop running because of cancer, 8 months of homelessness, or some honestly tiny reason that some how overtakes all the good, I always come back to it. I have now graduated from Couch to 5k SIX TIMES! I have no problem starting over at ground zero because when you are flat on your back, there is nowhere to look but up!

Making a run-like motion means I am always looking forward. Today, after a month of every other day 30-40 minute consolidation runs, I started Bridge to 10k. Fortunately my real goal is 8k ( the length of a trail loop from one bridge to the next along both sides of the river near my house). This is good because at my current rate, 10k would take almost two hours!

Making a run-like motion is how I am preparing for the most adventuresome, mind blowing retirement EVER! I retire in four years and I want to be able to tour Europe for weeks and months with all my possessions on my back. I want to walk Harold's Way from London to Hastings. I want to walk the entire coast of Cornwall. I want to show my three granddaughters what aging with strength and grace really looks like.

But basically making a run-like motion is part of a mental discipline. I firmly believe that happiness is a matter of managing expectations, both my own and those of others. I don't think I could live up to other people's expectations of being "a runner". I would probably just cave under all the self-pressure to go as far and as fast as "everyone else". But by making a run-like motion there are no distance or speed expectation. I just get out there and enjoy the forest while having fun with my slow hoppy little stride.

And because everyone loves a blog with pictures, this is my new refrigerator chart I made this morning just before I went on my week 1 run 1 on Bridge to 10k. I made it beforehand so I could I use the fact that I love stickers against my slightly lazy tenancies!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is so inspirational!

    Thank you for sharing this with the world.
    I have a tattoo that says, "Challenge Accepted." I'll wear it for you, vicariously. You are a fighter with a heart of gold (because you feel it is important to share your story - I think that is both brave and caring).

    Never give up!
    212 days ago
    Wow, I love your motivation.. looking forward to being fit for retirement. It is a great philosophy on the run-like motion. I say 'walk/jog' because I know I may not be 'running' for some people's standards, but it is the end goal. I may always be a jogger, but I'm a runner to.
    Thanks for sharing.

    218 days ago
    I heard once, and agree that, "What a person says about me tells more about them than me."
    218 days ago
    You are doing an amazing job! Don't know why people need to make such uncalled for comments anyway. I like the run like motion. It describes what I do perfectly! LOL
    221 days ago
    A faith-based run-like motion -- love it!! My own dear sister had anal cancer in 2009 (while I was dealing with breast cancer) and she too has had some long-term consequences of her chemo + radiation. And she too has sustained a remarkable sense of humour about the whole experience anyhow.

    I loved to run -- and ran too much -- and did not-so-good things to my right knee and hip joints -- and so don't run any more. At all. Although I tried quite a few times to resume running. Because: I absolutely love it!! Euphoria. And now I get a run-like euphoria from XC skiing and maybe kayaking as well . . . oh well oh well.
    221 days ago
    I consider every unwelcome comment as one from the "peanut gallery" and there is usually a lot of noise in general when discussing something amongst a group of people. I truly believe that if one doesn't want a comment from the peanut gallery, one should refrain from talking to the peanut gallery and really, isn't everyone else's opinion an opinion from the peanut gallery? The only opinion that ever matters to you in the end is your own opinion.
    LOL!!! HOW MANY TIMES can we fit the term "peanut gallery" into one comment?
    Anyhoo!! You're doing GREAT! You are alive and happy to be alive. You're appreciative of your life, and limbs, and run-like motion, and you are setting a fabulous example for your grands!!
    I'll meet you in Cornwall. Let me know when you're going and I'll hop on a plane with my back pack and we'll toast to a life of living well and being happy just because we choose to be happy.
    221 days ago
    @ro2bent I have been running for 9 years. This year I took 9 weeks to get up to 30 minutes every other day. I then put in a month of consolidation runs working on cadence. And then spent a month nudging the duration up to 40 to 48 minutes. I do use the 10% a week rule but honestly, I am more conservative than that. I'm very ready for 60 minutes.
    221 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/4/2020 11:47:15 PM
    Why do people have to be so rude to others
    222 days ago
    How much were you running before? It's recommended to not add more than 10%, you've got some good sized increases
    222 days ago
    Excellent!!! I applaud you. NOBODY has the right to downgrade another's efforts!

    222 days ago
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