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Setbacks? If you slip..do the flip..and get back on track

Friday, September 11, 2020

Ok last night I knew I was going to have pizza.My grandson and his family came over. My 4 year old great granddaughter spent the night. They brought pizza. In my tracker I preposted 1 piece but I ended up eating 2 pieces and a bread stick. I felt guilty last night but this morning, reality check. There will be setbacks and we have to be ready for them. No guilt trip because that leads to more setbacks. So I ate it. Not great but I will do better next time. I always say " If you slip...do the flip and get back on track. Just don't let that slip escalate and lead to guilt that leads to more setbacks. We are normal. It will happen.

Sometimes we throw those bricks. You know the negative ones. I'm not pretty...no you are beautiful.
I can't do this. I'm too old. They say you can teach an old dog new tricks. I am learning,.
I'm losing to slow. If you lose it fast you don't learn from it.
I am tired. So get up and move and get that energy back.
I just want to cry..Get that pity party pushed out of the way!

Get up. Feel that energy and that smile will push out that frown and turn it upside down. Oh my gosh. It feels so good to just do one little thing to make you feel proud.
You can do it. I am doing those chair exercises and it feels awesome! I missed spark. I need help and here are friends and people who care.

It not all about food but attitude and feeling like you can do this. Its about picking yourself up and being the best you can be. You are beautiful the way you are but don't you want to feel better, healthier and be able to have fun, not watch from the sidelines. I do!! I am tired of watching. I want to do. I have cried many times because I didn't feel pretty enough. I felt like a beached whale. Well that beached whale has a heart and feels.

Dreams can come true but you can't just sit there and wish it. You have to do it!
Yes you have to do the work! Sitting and wishing for a genie? It will never work unless you do it!!!

You got this. I am right there with you. Together we can do this!
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