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Recovery from Covid-19 doesn't stop damage inflicted in patients

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

September 15th 2020 article I wrote and present for your perusal: emoticon emoticon

26 Ohio State University athletes studied one in six tested positive for Covid-19. It was discovered heart inflammation (both myocardial edema and injury) was present. Not one of the athletes required antiviral therapy or hospitalization. Persons suffering from myocarditis suffer dangerously if they stress themselves, such as these athletes continuing to play and practice their sport. This infection can occur with normal lung function being present, and is a significant cause of sudden cardiac death. Recovering from Covid-19 does not mean you don't suffer permanent damage to your organs.

Main takeaway for the general public is that you don't have to be symptomatic in order for Covid-19 to have lasting impact on your health. I've already heard of one person who is suffering from glacoma now that is covid-19 related. Autopsies months ago showed the incidental discovery that covid-19 wrecked havoc by direct invasion of the brains of folks who died of Covid-19.

It is believed by consensus of doctors that immune system response and physiological changes are at the root of brain issues in moderate to severe covid-19 patients. It is agreed that those put under heavy sedation during intubation for ventilator intervention cannot display neurological symptoms, thus they may incur extreme confusion even without dementia when they come to consciousness. Onset of encephalopathy occurs between 40-50% of patients having moderate to severe Covid-19 infectious disease. Btw, Covid-19 is just one of the infections scientists are trying to find a vaccine for. It isn't even the most heinous threat in that regard.

Additionally there is a mucus secretion in a deep area of the lungs; meaning oxygen is not being absorbed. Massive blod clots have been found in victims legs without having any apparent symptoms of heart disease. CT scans in a major study showed multiple blood clots developing in the victims, combined with low platelets in the blood stream.

Organs get invaded by covid-19, including the heart and throat. Moderate to severe covid-19 patients have severe blood clots and attach to RNA in the body. In most victims, blood clots in the lungs are the cause of death, although Kidney failure is a great risk. It was determined that 3.3% were discharged alive, 24.5% died, 12.2% and 72.2% remained hospitalized at the time of this particular study. The average follow up time for censoring was 4.5 days, median time to readmission was 3 days.

At John Hopkins Medicine, Drs warn that covid-19 neurological disease could lead to secondary pandemic. Regarding the prevalence of neurological abnormalities in COVID-19 patients, ranging from delirium, confusion and anxiety to brain inflammation, nerve damage and stroke. This is attested to by 300 studies worldwide to date. Covid-19 lung transplants are occuring as attempts to counter all the secondary defect-damage-disease appear. This is ongoing, no matter what politicians or pundits say.

More than 300 studies from around the world have found a In NYC 5700 patient cases were measured by clinical outcomes during hospitalization, such as invasive mechanical ventilation, kidney replacement therapy, and death who were admitted or readmitted.

Every person who dies suffers from cardiac arrest; the only distinction is the underlying causes that lead to death. Blood loss, lack of oxygen, starvation, massive trauma to the brain or heart, viral infections, decapitation, and more are all causes.

For a full text articles of the studies specifically mentioned, which was one of several that I utilized for this article, can be read/saved pdf/copy&past for free at:


[This article is meant for information only. It is not for you to post online. I do have a poor-man's copyright on this. Thank you for reading this, as the facts are plainly facts and not biased opinions and conjecture. My concern includes my experience as a trainer for recertification of Healthcare Professionals by the American Heart Assoc., and the National Safety Council since 1997. I'm also an instructor for regular Cpr/First Aid training for emergency response to those who need it for their work (school bus drivers and babysitters especially).]

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