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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hey there,
Well my knees feel better today so that is good. Oh Im sure they will still creak and lock if moved the wrong way. I am researching a good pain and joint supplement for arthritis. I really hate medicine but I need to do something for the old bones before they whittle awaylol, My doctor says its old bones? Really? I am 71 years young!

I mean I'm not going to chase after some young cabana boy but it might be fun to chase him. Motivation here I come lol! Nah would like to find someone a bit older.

I want to find my fun and my spring chicken kind of self that lives inside. My body is not the best, let it go for too long but I can still get it better by moving the darn thing. It still does move.
Of course it would be more fun if I had a partner. Are you out there old man? lol. Been awhile hubby passed in 2015 and still miss him but its time to live again.

Well anyway, I bought healthier groceries. I decided to eat chicken and fish even though I was doing veggie since Jan. I will never go back to red meat. I love salads so that really was good.

Well I'm not sure about this. Sometimes is you set a goal too high and can't do it, you feel a little down. I set it at 50 min a day. Not bad but only hit it a couple times this week. Had grandchildren a couple of days and went to granddaughters. But see that's an excuse because I could have had grandchildren do it with me.

My motivation is get moving while I still can. I think that fall showed me that if I don't do this my knees will get worse. I love playing with my grands but am limited. I want to be able to go for a walk with them. I want to shop without going so slow I hold up the line. I can see the people behind me wanting to shout" Hey granny. Get a move on it!"

We are standing at a door. One way success and the other give up again! I am going to open that door and see the sunshine on the other side. I am going to feel the freedom of my dream come true. I am going to light that spark and get it growing until it glows with unlimited growth. Old lady? Huh! Who says?

I believe and I can do it. You can do it. We are not going to sit in a chair and wait until its too late. Do what you csn. Ask your doctor what you can do. Even if its just to eat healthier. Do it!

Oh my gosh! Go for it! No more excuses! I care so much for people that I want to help. I know that when people band together for a common good goal, it is more possible than trying to do it without help. We can do this.

I truly believe our thoughts sometimes break us down thinking I can't do this. I always give up and have that unhealthy food. I can do this!! If I have to have something, I will figure it in my carbs and calories. No sneak bites without counting. That is where a lot of us fail is just thinking: Its just a taste . What could that hurt. A lot more than you think.

if you ever need one just let me know. I will be here to help light the spark and I hope you will do the same for me

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