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My Happy Place

Monday, September 21, 2020

I grew up in a house filled with, tension and lots of stress... raised voices quarrelling and just a general sense of unrest was pretty much the daily norm.

Ideally, you have no idea what I'm talking about... if this seems all too familiar, I hope, like me, it's just a distant memory that's all but faded...

Back then, my sanctuary was chopping firewood and plenty of it.

From the age of 8 until I left home for the first time at age 16, working as a Health Care Aide in another province.

To which I found I thoroughly enjoyed... the acceptance of self, teamwork... pushing myself to new limits... overcoming adversity and then celebrating that achievement.

I LOVED every bit of it.

But as I think back to those years now, living and working away from that home atmosphere was an escape as much as anything else... an escape from what I knew I'd eventually return home to.

For that first year, whether it was working, meetings or learning new skills... my mind was clear and COMPLETELY focused on what would turn out to be a 25-year profession

My memories of home life NEVER interfered... and that was one of its greatest gifts to me... like sleeping or dreaming, it was the mental break I needed to function at my fullest each day.

With all of the structure and building my gentler inner strengths is what helped mould me into the person, wife, worker and friend I am today... and I'm so VERY grateful for that.

Unfortunately, I don't work in that vocation any longer... haven't for many a year now. I miss it, especially the attachments that came with caring for and tending to the needs of those of my senior. They became my family away from home.

Then EVERYTHING changed with the drastic move from everything I knew from my childhood. Away from family, away from friends to an entirely different end of my world of Northern Ontario and even a different lifestyle to Southern Ontario where I knew absolutely no one.

Too many years spent alone, not fitting in, years spent pouring myself into my career and many hours of work. Then came the most wonderful life-changing pinnacle event of my life. I was reunited with my childhood sweetheart. After a whirlwind of reacquaintance, I eloped to the eastern end of the country and have never looked back. It will be twenty-one years this October 19th.
Within those years we jumped ship and took the leap, moving to the western end of the country, rented and eventually bought our home.
I retired from my nursing career and went into the newspaper business.

This turned out to be the worst hell I would ever experience. For those ten years, I would be degraded, unappreciated and verbally abused to the point where I was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder. Needless to say with continued therapy and Dr's orders I took leave and got out.
These days, my escape is my home life, husband, pets and my gardens...turning our 1000 sq ft home into the country cottage I've always wanted.
This is where I clear my head and recharge, mentally and physically...

The times have changed... the challenges are different... but I STILL have a sanctuary I can go to when I need to reboot.

And you should too...

If it involves movement or fitness, fantastic... if not, that's still terrific because we ALL face situations that challenge and humble us...

Overcoming those challenges and being the best version of yourself, day-in and day-out, requires a "happy place" you can visit when you need it most.

Figure out where that is... and then commit to going there as often as you're able. Doing so can positively impact EVERY aspect of your life.

Hope you found this helpful and thought-provoking.

P.S. Where's your happy place? Where do you go to clear out your mental clutter? Please hit REPLY and share.
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