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Endless Fascination

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

My brother and sister-in-law and I have been watching the news as the tropical storm Beta has been dropping so much rain on Houston that the news outlets are staking out infamous intersections (infamous for high water in rain storms) and drivers are ignoring their common sense and, one after another, are driving into deep water.... the news vultures are documenting every dumb decision made by every driver foolish enough to pretend that their cars are actually boats!

It makes for wonderful news drama when a driver plows into a suburban thoroughfare that has a layer of water, then the driver decides to brazen it out until the moment that they realize that it is too deep to keep going forward and start looking for a way to turn around (by this time they have water well past halfway up their wheel wells and sometimes above the bottom of their chassis), and THEN they try going in reverse, with a tide of water mounding up as they try to accelerate to freedom......

Some of them actually get out of the water, and can get away from the unblinking TV cameras watching their struggles...... but more than one has brazened it out to their own chagrin....

One seemed to be speeding up, until suddenly it stopped making forward progress, The engine died, and Then it started drifting sideways.... apparently the water had lifted it up and the car was losing contact with the road soon as the driver opened the car door, water flowed into the vehicle and it was no longer floating..... THEN, the poor driver stumbled in the thigh deep water and mostly submerged himself!

To add insult to injury, the cameraman decided to see if he could catch up with the soaked guy making his way to dry ground to interview him.... he had zoomed in from a pretty good distance, so the cameraman never caught up to the hapless motorist...

I live in the Hill Country of Texas, almost 200 miles from here in Houston, and where I live, the local drivers know not to ever cross moving water in times of flash floods because creeks can become raging torrents and dangerous for anyone caught in a vehicle in one, .....but Houston is FLAT and most of their flooding is non moving, or slow-moving water.... so in Houston, if a motorist is caught in high water, mostly all they have to do is just get out of the car and wait for the water to go down… Sometimes it means getting a tow truck, but it sure makes a big mess...

Little did I know that the Local TV stations could turn it into high entertainment values!

Oh well, they’re expecting more rain in the next couple of days, to add to the 5-6-7 or so inches received so far... we’ll see what happens next!
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