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09/25/20 Wonders You Are

Friday, September 25, 2020

"Don't limit yourself because of past realities. Who you are right now is someone you've never been before. You have no real idea what wonders you're capable of manifesting." Scott Stabile

"I'm giving up eating chocolate for a month. Sorry, bad punctuation. I'm giving up. Eating chocolate for a month."

My wife told me to go to the doctors and get some of those tablets that “help” you get an erection.
You should of seen her face when I came back and tossed her some diet pills.
I’m still looking for a place to live.

It's Binge Day! Today's not about food but a day for catching up your favorite TV programs before the new seasons start. As a Sparker, you already know to do some exercising while watching the shows.
--German Butterbrot Day: observed on the last Friday of September; today is salute to a German staple, butterbrot, simply buttered bread; it can be any type of bread, toasted or nor, with or without a topping.
--Hug a Vegetarian Day: observed on the last Friday and sometimes called Hug a Vegan; today was originally Hug a Vegan Day to promote animal rights but now has been expanded to encourage meatless meals for health reasons and animal rights.
--International Ataxia Awareness Day: today raises awareness about a rare degenerative neurologic disease; ataxia affects the ability to talk, walk and use fine motor skills.
--Love Note Day: observed of the fourth Friday of September; writing love notes has a long and illustrious history with such famous romantics as Lord Byron and William Shakespeare; write a love note to your special person to express how you feel.
--Math Storytelling Day: today is telling stories about math and telling stories using math to show how math enhances our lives.
--National Bakery Day: observed on the 4th Friday of September; can you smell it?; a salute to one of our favorite kind of shops where we try to be good Sparkers but it's so hard; maybe we can work in a small treat.
--National BRAVE Day: observed on the 4th Friday of September; today is about empowering women; from the sponsor's site: It "honors women who lift each other up, rescue each other and make each other BRAVE," and exists "to encourage women to keep moving forward and to be BRAVE." On the day, women with varied life experiences and from different generations come together to support each other with simple gestures. These are sisters, family members, friends, and strangers who have dealt with struggles and tragedy. National BRAVE Day was founded by Sweetlife Women, a women's ministry, in honor of their founder, Kaci Stewart. In creating the day, Sweetlife Women hoped it would be a spark of encouragement to women, and a reminder to them to strengthen each other."
--National Comic Book Day: from checkiday: "Today is a day to celebrate the popular entertainment and collector's item, the comic book. The first American comic book is seen as being Famous Funnies, which was released in 1933, although many books and comics predated it and helped lead to its creation. For example, an 1842 hardcover book titled The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck was made up of comics. In the early 20th century periodicals that contained comics were printed in the United States. American comic books are divided into different eras. In 1938, the release of Superman launched the Golden Age of comic books. Superhero comics were introduced and very popular for most of this era. The Silver Age is seen as beginning with the introduction of Flash in 1956, which led to a rejuvenation in superhero comic books. The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man came about during this era, and the era lasted until sometime in the early 1970's, when the Bronze Age began, which lasted until the mid-1980's. From the end of the Bronze Age until the present day is known as the Modern Age. Non-mainstream comic books such as underground comix sprang up in the 1960's, followed by alternative comics in the 1980's. Comic book stores became popular in the 1970's, and comic book conventions are another way that collectors and comic book fans have connected and enjoyed their hobby."
--National Cooking Day: it's easy to get into the rut of grabbing whatever is quick; today encourages and inspires all of us to discover something new in the kitchen and to make it fun; as Sparkers know, a home-made meal provides better nutrition.
--National Crab Meat Newburg Day: today is a salute to a creamy seafood dish made with lump crab meat, butter, cream, sherry, eggs and spices.
--National Doodle Day: observed in the UK on the Friday of the 3rd full week in September; today is sponsored by the epilepsy community; from their website: "Every year, a selection of famous faces from the worlds of art, sport and entertainment pick up their pens, paints and pencils to create one off doodles. These doodles are auctioned off to the highest bidder following a 3 day eBay auction."
--National Food Service Employees Day: today honors all who work in the food service including chefs, hostesses, servers, and even school cafeteria workers.
--National Lobster Day: today honors a culinary delicacy; not only does lobster taste so yummy, it's also an economic engine of its own and the foundation of many family and culture traditions; it wasn't always considered a delicacy; in the early days, lobster was considered prison feed.
--National One-Hit Wonder Day: today honors the singers who had a famous song but nothing after that; who can you name?
--National Psychotherapy Day: a lot of people have a negative impression of counseling and avoid it, but psychotherapy can make such a difference for someone dealing with depression and life's trauma; today raises the awareness of the benefits of having an impartial sounding board.
--National Quesadilla Day: today is a salute to an authentic Mexican food; not a sandwich nor a taco, the quesadilla is made with a corn tortilla and filled with cheese then heated till the cheese melts and then grilled until just crispy; some folks add fillings such as meat and toppings such as salsa, sour cream or guacamole.
--National Research Administration Day: today honors the staff that assists faculty and researchers to keep a study functioning; the administrator provides a stewardship of the grant money.
--National Tune-Up Day: today's not about your car but a day to remember to check out and get your heating systems for the upcoming fall and winter; time to change filters and make sure the thermostats work properly.
--Native American Day: observed on the fourth Friday of September as a state holiday in California and Nevada; today celebrates and honors the cultural heritage and contributions to our country of all Native Americans.
--Save the Koala Day: observed on the last Friday of September; today is celebrated primarily in Australia but it's a world concern; today is a movement to protect the koala's habitat.
--Sport Purple for Platelets Day: on the last Friday of September; today raises awareness for those suffering from ITP, a platelets disease and asks us to wear purple in support.
--World Dream Day/International Day for Dreamers: today is about elevating dreams into action; today is a world promotion to encourage and activate dreams that build our cultures.
--World Lung Day: today is about lung health awareness to promote advocacy and action; we already know not to smoke but now they're finding that ecig's are just as unhealthy for our lungs.
--World Pharmacist Day: a world celebration of the people that help keep us healthy and are a trusted source of knowledge and advice about our medicines.
--In 1789, the US Congress passes 12 amendments to the nation's constitution, ensuring protections for individual liberties, including the freedom of speech and the press, the right to assembly, and the right to exercise religion. Ten of the amendents, comprising the Bill of Rights, will be ratified by the states.
--In 1957, (from bing) "Battling racial prejudice in an almost literal way, the US Army's 101st Airborne Division escorts nine African American students into classes at Little Rock, Arkansas' Central High School. President Eisenhower called out the troops after the governor blocked court-mandated integration."
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