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Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Well, last Fri. I went to Dr. with ( which I thought was pink eye) & was proved right. Also said I had an abrasion on the cornea. No clue how that got there. He gave me a script for an antibiotic eye drop to take 1 drop 4times daily. Which I was doing. Sun. early my DH glued fixed a back scratcher with Super Glue. That afternoon, I was going to put another drop in my eye. I was at the kitchen table (were at our camper) I was was debating wether to go on our bed & put it in & just lay down a couple min. like I've done a few times. (just a couple min. to make sure the drop stays in the eye). I had put the drop bottle on the table. I thought oh I'll just do it here. I take my glasses off then tilt my head back, grab the bottle & put 1 drop in the eye. Right away It burned, right away I knew I'd grabbed the glue ! OMG ! I started to freak out. I grabbed kleenex & started to wipe the eye, then ran to the door & called DH. Told him I have to go to ER. Told him why, pur shoes on & we left. Were at the exit of the campground, I said where we going ? Were 1 Hr. & about 20 min. from home. I called 911 to find out where the closet ER from here was. There was one about 10 min. from us here, but it closed down. They told us so we booked out of here. It took about 20 min.
I was a mess all the way ! We get there, DH drops me off, he went to park car. An older couple was walking in right behind me. I went to the window, the older lady said they think he's having a stroke! OMG They went ahead of me, Window lady asked them questions, & a nurse came with a w/c & took them back. I got up to the window. told her what happened. Had to answer ?'s. Fill out papers, shortly after they came & got me. We were there 3 hrs. I told the nurse when she was going to take my B/P I was sure it's going to be sky hi, it was ! I don't remember the top #, but the bottom was 102 !!! It has never been anywhere near that !!! A lady Dr. come in. Asked ?'s, examinined my eye several time. They put a numbing drop in the eye. & a dye. More exams. She said I had a second abrasion. One had a white dot. Dr. left 2 times, came back. They wanted to send me to a Dr. in PA. I told her I wanted to go to my Eye Dr. OK. She said to call him first thing in the AM. I asked her exactly what she was worried about. She answered the abrasion turning into a ulceration. Ohhhh...... She gave me eye drops to take every 30 min. YUP ! You read that right. Plus a ointment to put in 3 times daily. We went back home to our camper & I took the drop, every 1/2 hr.. I We were trying to pack up stuff, since were closing it up for the Season. What a hassle every 30 min ~ Drops. I did what they said, I did not want to loose my sight !!! Got up early Mon. AM. Called Eye Dr. 8 AM. Recording said they open @ 9 AM. So called back at 8:50 AM They answered. I got in at 11; 40 AM. I've neglected to tell you I had a big clump of glue on my top eyelid, my lashes were all glued in it !!! I really irritated my eye ! My Dr. sent to to a Eye surgeon. He said it's only a minor surgery. OK. They made the appt. & got me in 2;30 PM (same day) I called my eye Dr. back & .asked the girl if I understood it right. Is this Eye surgeon going to actually do surgery today. She said they just check it & have you come back for surgery. Ok went home for a bit, & got to thinking, I'm going to call this eye surgeon. I did, asked the girl the same ?. She said oh yea, it was scheduled. I had to fill out 3 pages of ?'s etc. Got called back. More ?'s. Dr. comes in. I didn't have to wait long for anything there! He wasn't much of a talker. He checks the eye, asked some more ?'s. Leaves the room a min., came back . Scoots up to the machine. Leans in & come up to my eye with an intrument. I could hardly see it cause I was leaning into that thing you rest your chin & forehead on. He started pulling the glue off my lid quickly. More then a few times. I kind of yelled when he did, Especially the last time. It felt like he was pulling the skin off my upper eyelid !!! OMG, did it hurt !!! I did apologize . He went & got me a bottle of eye drops & gave me a script for an eye ointment. I had told him earlier the ER Dr. told me to take the drops every 30 min. He just shook his head. Told me only take them 4 times a day ! Thank God for that one. And to put the ointment on 2 times a day. Put a little bit on my pointer finger & rub it a bit between it & my thumb, pat it on the eyelid lid with both fingers to get above & below the glue, it will help dissolve it, & it will come off. I have to go back next Mon. for a follow up. The antibiotics should fix it up. He said there was no sign of glue on my eye ball !!! Another Thank You GOD !!! The eye did feel a lot better walking out. to the car. then it started to bother me. Just the glued eyelashes hanging a bit down. It was irritating !!! I was miserable all the way back to the camper, after stopping to pick up the script, we had a bit of supper. I put the drops in every 30 min. while trying to get some stuff packed up, What a pain in the butt ! I was so tired, mostly fron all the stress of the last 2 days I got ready for bed & was in bed before 10 PM !!! Which is early for this night owl ! I did put the ointment on again. I took a couple tylenol. I fell right to sleep. Slept over 9 hrs. But...... I did get up about 3:30 AM with my (L) shoulder hurting so bad, I had to take tylenol again. It kept me up for over 45 min. I do have arthritis there too. Plus I remembered I didn't take my Arthritis pill ! When I got up the glued lashes were hanging down a bit more. I put the ointment on again, some of it was loose. I could see the lashes in the glue that had dislodged some UGH !!! Ok, The day went on. I took a much needed shower, I noticed after the glue had loosened up some more, with more lashes ! Shortly after I put the ointment on a good chunk came off ! Ohhhhhhh.......... then a little later the last of it with all my lashes except for a few in the outer corner of my eye. Most of them had come off the bottom Sun. while I was wiping off the glue before going to ER, then more at the Drs. SO now I have BALD EYE LIDS !!! Ya' know this chick use to have decent lashes, the last few yrs. they have reall gotten sparse ! NOW .................... Ya' know what ? I figure just shut up and deal with it ! It could have been so much worse. I could have lost my sight !!! So I thank God for that !!!
I just hope when I go back to the Dr. He says the abrasions have healed or are almost healed.
OK, I'm done. I'm going to bed ! Sweet dreams Sparkers !
Love ya', Flutterfli emoticon
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    OMG, what a trauma. I have multifocal lenses implanted. I’m cautious with my eyes. I always read the bottle when using eye drops or used the eyewash BCS of an allergy. After the surgery, I decided not to share one bed with my husband, so we have separate bedrooms. I was terrified that he could hit me in the night and darkness when turning around in bed. I kind of move around in the night without knowing it. So this is the best. Once I had a car accident in Prague. My daughter was small at that time; she often came to my bed at night. She did hit me with her arm in the night during her sleep. The broken nose after recent surgery moved. It really was misery. So I am cautious. I even installed the exhaust fan higher than usual - just to make sure I won’t hit my nose when cooking. You went through a lot of misery with this accident. Tremendous big luck, you didn[‘t lose your eyesight! The eyelashes will grow; that’s not a problem. Get well soon!
    16 days ago
    First I'd like to thank you all for the sweet comments ! Yes I'm doing fine, go to Surgeon agian Monday for follow up. Again. Still taking antibiotic drops 4 times daily, but not the ointment. So happy about no ointment. It was a mess. LOL. I think I see a few teeny, tiny lashes trying to come in. LOL They are so light & thin, I can barely see them. Only time will tell. I'm just so thankful my sight is ok ! I really think it's a miracle , cause I just can't imagine how no glue is on the eyeball !!!

    Love ya' all !
    Flutterfli emoticon emoticon
    38 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/17/2020 9:19:24 PM
    You poor dear. I hope they grow back but hey ...you can see. And go camping. !! I never get to go camping. emoticon
    44 days ago
    emoticon I hope you are doing better now.
    44 days ago
    Thank God you didn't lose your Eyesight! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    45 days ago
    Oh my goodness! I'm glad you are all right.
    46 days ago
    I am so sorry you had to endure such an ordeal, but I am so happy that your eye is all right. That had to be so scary. I hope the abrasions are healing nicely.
    47 days ago
  • HAZEL2278
    Bless Your Heart... So Glad Your Eye Is Going To Be OK...! ! ! emoticon
    47 days ago
    No words. Just glad you have your sight! HUGS
    48 days ago
    Glad this turned out well. Yes, I glued my eyelid shut by accident in the distant past.
    49 days ago
  • JAMER123
    Glad you got to the ER for treatment. That has to be a horrid situation when you figure out what happened. If the roots aren't damaged, you should have eyelashes back in about 2-16 weeks. Hang in there friend!
    49 days ago
    Oh, my goodness. What a horrible ordeal to go through. You poor dear. It's difficult to get super glue off fingers if you touch it while making a repair. I can't imagine trying to remove it from an eye. Good luck when you return to the doctor.

    Stay safe. Be well. emoticon
    49 days ago
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