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Pregnancy, second time around

Monday, October 19, 2020

I must have found out I was pregnant not long after the last blog post that I put up.

After finding out last year that the chances of having a second child were really slim, I have spent most of this year coming to terms with the reality that we would be a family of three. My husband and I did not give up, taking the stance that we would see what happens.

Well, a global pandemic happened, and my life shifted from lots of interesting and intense overseas travel to being at home and not needing to be anywhere else. My stress changed. Although we were juggling two very intense jobs with also needing to look after a young child (because daycare had been closed) I did not have to rush anywhere. I could focus on jogging, (I did manage to complete one virtual half marathon during the Spring) and my mental health, and then, the next thing you know, I got a positive pregnancy test.

So, after months of reconciling the loss of not being able to have another baby, I'm now 28 weeks pregnant!

This journey has not been as smooth as the last pregnancy. At 41, I fall into a high risk category which led to some worries about the health of the foetus. So far, everything has been fine, but we do take it week by week, honestly counting every week I feel the baby move as an extra week of blessing.

My hips began aching very early on in this pregnancy, and so I stopped jogging around 4 months pregnant. This was a very difficult decision to make, as running is a great stress-release for me. But, like anyone who has been running for while and dealt with injuries and aches and pains, I now know it is better to stop when the aches arrive, rather than make it worse. A month later I bought an indoor cycling bike and I continue with yoga.

I am not as consistent as I would like to be with exercise or with healthy eating.

But here is where I see how much harder it is when there is already another child in the house, a demanding job, and, a worldwide pandemic. I don't want to dwell on the pandemic, because I know it is hard for everyone. So, I will say, probably like most people, the constant change in advice and shifting of rules regarding what is open and closed has affected my resilience, probably as much as it has affected yours. And, I'm turning to the sugar to keep going.

Fortunately, my midwife and hospital have been fairly kind with rules and regulations and I have not minded phone-call appointments rather than meeting in person. I'm getting nervous about the actual birth part, but so far, the medical team have been reassuring.

I began this pregnancy around 58kg (127 pounds) still within a healthy BMI. I am now 66kg (145 pounds). My weight gain has not been a steady half a pound every week, and this is largely due to stress-eating and difficulty keeping up with my regular exercise routine. In my previous pregnancy I went from 54kg to 66kg, so a weight gain of 12kg (26 pounds) which was actually all the weight I lost when I first started Sparkpeople. It is a little terrifying to see my weight already at 66kg, but I need to recognise that I was heavier when I fell pregnant and I am still within a 25 pound weight gain.

So, I have another 12 weeks to go! I'm very tired and finding this all very hard going, which is why I have been absent from Sparkpeople. There seems to be very little spare time in my life.

But, it is also really nice to have the arrival of a new child to look forward to.
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