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6 month check up with my doctor!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

So six months ago, after years of on and off sparking, I got the cholestorol talk from my doctor. Sigh, my early lockdown stress diet of sausage and ice cream showed up more than I had thought possible. It was the first time I've ever gotten "the talk" about cholesterol from Dr Hahn.

I have been seeing Kat Hahn for almost 25 years and she has never ever brought up my weight but this time my numbers were so bad she did threaten me with medication. It took about a month but finally on Memorial Day I showed up, logged in and spun the wheel on Sparkpeople. Since then I have been eating clean, running every other day and try to get in some strength training every week - 149 days with out fail of measuring, moving and logging. All the while I knew one of my biggest milestones was October 20th - my 6 month check up.

Last week I had a fasting blood test to look at my cholesterol (which was high last time) and things like vitamin D and iron (both were dismally low last time).

And today was the big milestone appointment. First thing was the weigh in. I was down 32 pounds! I knew this by my own home weighing but seeing it on the doctor's scale felt really good. Both nurses and Dr Hahn mentioned my weight loss at least once. It was a very proud moment. My resting pulse (72) and blood pressure (108/68) were nice and low too. We went through all my numbers and I had taken 68 points of my cholesterol and 105 points off my triglycerides. I also got to tell her that I haven't taken any "as needed" meds for my anxiety issues now that I am running in the woods every other day. She is also a runner so we talked about running in the cold and snow. Instead of "the talk" we had a fun chat about wool socks and ear muffs.

I see my doctor every 6 months because of cancer issues (those markers had dropped a bit too!) I am so glad I have another appointment in April. At 1.5 pounds a week I plan to be down to my goal and working on the whole new world of maintenance by then. If not, then very close. I also plan on being able to run 5 miles without "slowing" to a walk (I am up to four on my long slow runs). These 6 month check-ins are amazing motivators. 6 months doesn't seem horridly far off so it is always there in the back of my mind. I consider it as a very important milestone in my journey.
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