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Hang on, which one was the dream?

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Last night my head was pounding, my cold was annoying me so I did what I shouldn't do. I took a cold tablet. This would be fine if I hadn't of take one four hours previously. I medicate well, or too well, depends on how you look at it I guess.

When I woke up this morning three things came into my mind.

1 - There was a bear under our house and Jeff was outside pounding on the deck trying to scare it.
2 - Jeff ate all the chips for breakfast.
3 - The dinosaurs had emerged from the oceans.

I stopped and looked over at my nightstand. My inhaler was there which meant I must have had breathing problems and had Jeff get it. I felt like I had just woken up from my younger days and trying to piece together the previous night out with the girls.

Ok, let's figure out what was real. Jeff ain't going to fight a bear so let's take that off the list. Next I'm pretty sure the dinosaurs were fake, I really hope so anyway. I looked in the pantry, no chips.

I walked into Jeff's office.

"Why did you eat the chips for breakfast? Baby, we don't do that."

Now there was a time my husband would have turned to me and said, "What on earth are you talking about?" But instead without looking up he replied,

"I had bran flakes for breakfast, we don't have any chips.We had chips but you threw them out after the grandkids went home."

"No, you ate the chips."

"What did you dream?" (He really has come a long way in the last 18 years)

"Are dinosaurs taking over the world?"

"That would be something even for 2020."

"Hang on, was there a bear under the house?"

"Yes, you wanted to go out and take a picture and I had to stop you. I had to go out and bang on the deck to try and scare it away because you were trying to get dressed."

"You fought of a bear to protect me?"


"Ok, look, I remember three things from last night, dinosaur invasion, you eating all the chips and you fighting off a bear. "

"Well one of those things really did happen."

"So you did eat all the chips then?"

The look he gave me!

Apparently the "story" goes that I woke him up all excited because I could smell the bear and wanted to go outside and take it's picture. The smell triggered my swollen tissue in my chest which caused me to need my inhaler. While I was distracted by that Jeff went outside and jumped up and down on the deck trying to get the bear to go away. The bear did not but luckily by the time he came back inside I had passed out on the bed. Did I mention I medicate well?

Today we both got out to walk around the lake and soak up some nature. As we sat on the edge of the path looking out at the Larch trees I turned to Jeff.

"I still think it was the chips."

Darn good thing he adores me.

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