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Managing every day meals during this Pandemic....

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Excuse me for repeating myself a bit here, for those of you who follow LEANJEAN6. But I thought what she brought up was an interesting subject. See below for my response. (And excuse me, Lynda, for bringing your blog into the limelight. emoticon )

For those of you who don't follow her, you can find her latest blog to see what an interesting subject she brought up and see what your take on it is.

My response:
"A lot of folks are with you on this one, Lynda. We all want some sort of "change" from the usual. My husband and I were discussing this the other night, in fact. We had gotten so used to going "Out for dinner" at least one evening a week for years it just became a habit. With the Pandemic, a lot of restaurants are closed to dine-ins or depending on where you live you're lucky to find a place that's open at all. So, we were remembering what it was like growing up. We could remember we had meatloaf ALWAYS on Sundays, Chicken ALWAYS on Wednesdays, Spaghettis' ALWAYS on Fridays, and so on. Our parents rarely took us out for dinner. It was a treat saved for a special day only. A birthday or something.
Does anyone else remember those days? Is anyone else reliving those days these days?"

What do you all think? Have any of you gone back to the "Old Days" when you had to make your own meals all of the time? Never going out?

Maybe I'm making too big a thing out of it? The younger people of today are more than likely used to hitting a fast food place several times a week. I know of some people that do so myself.
While I was in Kentucky from March to May, I found it interesting how my son and daughter-in-law were nearly always lamenting how they really wanted their favorite pizza but the restaurants, of course, were closed. Or they always talked about whenever their favorite seafood place was going to reopen. Boy, it was like they ate out more often than making meals at home! Has anyone else experienced someone like that? Had you said anything to them? Just curious how everyone is feeling now that it's toward the end of the year. In about three more months will mark the beginning of the lockdowns. As if anyone needed that reminder.

Thanks for reading.
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    When I was growing up we never ate in a restaurant.
    When we were first married and the kids were small we never ate then either.
    Now that it is just hubby and me, we did eat out when we were shopping or away from home.
    Now we are back to eating home.
    72 days ago
    Yu are so good--- We too used to eat out--pre-pandemic days--- so--I find now I spend a lot on groceries---plus--then we have to cook it--I think we actually eat better--- but--I duo find it hatreds--Funny to read yer blog and see Me mentioned--- LOL-- nice yu brought it up-Lynda
    73 days ago
    Growing up we never ate out. I remember when my Dad took us to McDonald's for the first time! Wow! We loved it!
    When first married, we'd eat out once a week and have pretty much ever since. Our last time was June 13. My husband retired 6 months ago, so now he does all the cooking, because he loves it! So glad, because I've never enjoyed cooking! Just before he retired, the last year anyway, since my shoulder injury, we were sometimes eating out 2-3 a week! Not good for the diet or budget! We get take out off and on, but my husband is such a good cook and being able to save money, now we really don't miss eating out.

    77 days ago
    I do remember those days as a child when going to a restaurant was very rare indeed.

    And I've always made most of our meals at home myself -- big pots of soup, salads, often a chicken thigh dinner with rosemary roast potatoes and lots of steamed veggies at some point on the weekend. And a home made fruit pie. Prior to the pandemic, prior to retirement, we almost never went to restaurants anyhow: perhaps the occasional meal at the golf course!!

    Even when travelling we'd typically stay in condos and cook our own meals from the local market. What we actually prefer . . .

    So that hasn't changed much for me.
    79 days ago
    Living where I do, not too much would make me drive to a restaurant and definitely not now.

    When traveling, yes, it's part of experiencing a different culture, but that's not happening anytime soon.
    79 days ago
    I can count on TWO fingers the number of times I have eaten out this year. And yes, I have a set pattern of meals but they are never boring as I change up the veggies and grains all the time. It makes menu planning, shopping and cooking so much easier.
    79 days ago
    79 days ago
    My homemade pizza on homemade crust beats anything out there.
    We belonged to a country club when I was growing up (golf was the parents' favorite form of exercise) and you were required to eat there at least once a month. That was "going out" and fast food was a non-entity.
    79 days ago
    Growing up, we never ate out. Mom had a schedule very similar to the one of which you wrote. We haven't eaten out or gotten take away since March. I don't schedule meals for certain days, I found that boring as a kid and it's boring now that I am the cook. I've gotten adventurous looking for new, healthy meals.

    The virus scares me silly. I don't want anyone touching or breathing (reading sneezing, coughing, sniffling) on my food. I don't see eating out anytime in my future.

    Stay safe. Be well.

    79 days ago
    we always eat in . going out is a once a month thing if that, emoticon
    79 days ago
    My husband and I always eat at home. Regardless of the present scenario. We just prefer our own cooking and staying home.
    79 days ago
    I've always cooked from scratch and we ventured out to eat at restaurants for special events, birthdays anniversaries, Christmas.....or if a friend needed a shoulder and time to talk out their problems and hopefully go home with a smile on their face..........some thing my best friend Jackie and I would do and we always put the world to right and ending up nearly peeing our pants laughing. OH My have we rectified some major problems over a pudding!

    As for takeaways, yep the odd one here and there, usually if I was totally cream crackered and DH thinks i use a "night off" !
    79 days ago
  • MARTHA324
    Guess my friends are mostly my age and we're all pretty much staying home and figure that dining out is just something we won't do for awhile. We do get takeout and while the weather was nice enough I did have lunch outdoors where possible.

    Most lunches and dinners are ones that I make. When I get tired of that, we can either order in or get something from the local "healthy" store...It really just is what it is right now and we will get through this.
    79 days ago
    I cook everyday because I refuse to eat fast food and I don't want to gain back the weight. I can remember going to church with my grandmother every Sunday and walking to Piccadilly after the service. I was a child then; now we go only for special occasions.
    79 days ago
    We were a family of five, so we rarely went out. And when we did, it was definitely a treat.

    Definitely doing LOTS of cooking. Resurrected several recipes that were tried and true, but just fell to the way-side. Using some of the cook books I have, too. AND Spark recipes. Plenty of resources for different ideas.

    Of course, that means we have to dedicate some TIME to cooking.

    My son is a chef and HE eats out often! Unbelievable to me. He is a good cook! DD, well, she just plain doesn’t like to cook, so lots of lamenting on her end about the lack of places to eat. **SIGH** But she’s finally getting into cooking a little more.

    DH is retired, and I do like having his help to cook. (Help meaning assisting me . . . he's not a cook!)

    79 days ago
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