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Our Christmas Present to our son....

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas whichever way you were able to celebrate. Prayers to those who suffer loneliness or sorrow. May you find peace in friendships.

As for me and my DH, we were prepared to spend Christmas at home alone together trying to find things to occupy our time other than watching television. It was doubtful we would have had any visits from our children or grandchildren. Even those that live close to us due to Covid. The plan had been to facetime with them at least once daily.

But, DH came home from work early Wednesday afternoon making the decision at the spur of the moment that we would be getting up at 1:00 AM and traveling to Kentucky instead. (It's a 10-hour trip.) It's been close to a full year since we had last seen our youngest son with his family and our youngest granddaughter, who happens to be 5-years old at this time.

Of course, this was to be a surprise for our son since he was dearly hoping we would be able to make the trip down to see them over Christmas since we couldn't make it over Thanksgiving. And Kendall Mae, our granddaughter has been telling us since Halloween that we HAD to be here to see "Ho-Ho" (Santa) with her this year!

We did have to let our daughter-in-law know of our plans in the strictest confidence of course so that our son would be surprised when he came home from work to find us here. It worked GREAT! He was SO happy to see us! Of course, our granddaughter and daughter-in-law were really happy we could come down also. We're here until either tomorrow or Monday. It will depend on the weather.

The weather was one of the reasons we came down as well. BUT, that backfired. It DID snow in Kansas City the night before we left, which didn't stick to the ground. When we hit Louisville, KY, it started snowing. emoticon That snow followed us all the way to Winchester and continued throughout that night and into the next day!! emoticon Altogether, there's probably a good two inches on the ground. emoticon

We had PLANS when we got here!! Those were pretty much shot out the window with the snow since I can't get out into it very well.

At least we have games we have been playing. Farkle is the funniest game that they had introduced to us when we were here early this year. So much fun!

Getting to know our granddaughter again has been delightful too! She's so much fun every day. Although, I really am getting tired of watching "My Little Pony", "Barbie's Dream House", etc.

My daughter-in-law and son have a Nintendo Switch, which I had never heard of before now. She has a special game called "Ring", I think, that she's been using for exercise since they picked it up which has helped her lose a lot of weight. Especially around her belly. My Lord, the workouts are great fun! You don't even realize you're working out! She went from wearing a size 16 pant size down to a size 6!! This is just from earlier this year!

Of course, this isn't something I can think of getting at this point in time. Too expensive. Reading the reviews on this though it looks like anyone at any fitness level can easily get started using this and advance as they get stronger. Watching my daughter-in-law really makes me want to get one though. "Sigh"

When we do get back home, I'll have a lot of work ahead of me. Trying to make up some time scanning books. Still learning the basics of this game but I'm determined to make it work.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Peace and Blessings!

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