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Mixed Bag

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

There are a number of things I'd like to share come year's end regarding my physical experience over the past year. It's been deeply challenging.

And, once again, the arrival of fall has proven to push thyroid function over the edge and for some inexplicable reason at this point (after initial signs of improvement late summer/early fall) the Cu deficiency has become much more pronounced. Worst we've seen.

The clinical nutritionist, hematologist and PCP are all perplexed. The clinical nutritionist (as has been the case) is the only one with any sense of what the underlying challenge may be.

I've been referred to yet another specialist. We've yet to connect. Maybe later this week. I'm optimistic that this may be psychologically supportive, at least, and cautiously optimistic that the new program to which this specialist is attached may prove helpful to not only myself; but, what's come to be known as the covid long-haulers.

It's been interesting to watch the weight continue to rise for 15 successive months. Another push to the upside is underway. It began with the addition of another nutrient. I've made no effort to micromanage the weight. An attempt to do so continues to feel ill-advised. The docs and nutritionist are aware of it and are somewhat concerned about it. We're all maintaining a watchful eye on it at this point.

What I've seen over the past 15 months are intermittent pushes to the upside, followed by some mild leveling and on occasion a short-lived dip to the downside. The overall trend is clearly up. I'm hoping to share some statistics once we bring this year to a close.

With the addition of the new nutrient a couple of weeks ago there have been some noticeable improvements in the gynecological regard. Reminder: In spring 2019 I was diagnosed with a couple of rare, complex, chronic conditions of unknown cause with no known treatment. One of them was gynecological with a known propensity to develop into a rare gynecological cancer. We had some concern that it was moving in that direction with the fall exam. The addition of the new nutrient appears to have provided a step back from the brink of that 'cliff'. emoticon

So, a mixed bag ... apparent improvement in certain regards. Hopefully, they will continue. And, marked deterioration in other regards.

The sun is shining brightly this morning. It's glorious! emoticon

Although it is late December, fire danger remains high here. I can see that with the recent bit of rain there's a hint of green pushing through the gold-robed hills. More emoticon please.

I can see that it is also breezy outdoors. Our shrubs and trees have made that evident.

Maybe, I'll get outdoors and sit for a bit today. Haven't done so in weeks. It would be nice.

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