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Happy 9th Spark Anniversary to ME

Thursday, January 14, 2021

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Today marks 9 yeas on Spark People. I Started at 200 pounds
I had Searched weight loss web sits on Jan 14 2012 after hearing about Spark People on the Today Show I checked the site out and joined Spark People
The fist thing I learned this was not a diet but a plan where I was going to learn how to eat healthy get the weight off and know how to eat after I did get the weight.
I have learned that slips happen but not giving up is key . NO I did not lose 2 pounds a week. It took weeks some weeks the scales did not move.
yes it did move up and I have found road side rest stops. Along the way. The key is I never left and just kept moving slow but sure .
After nine years I am now 142 pounds .
the last two weeks a challenge team I belong to has some great questions for us to finish the winter challenge and get ready to the Spring and summer Challenge.
The challenge spells New You
N - Never give up! Develop a fitness plan.
My Answers
I will not give up I have gone though the ABC 's in 2020 but its now 2121
I am now on plan B re elevated the my goals and they look more reachable at this time and in 30 days I can update it as needed .
120 mins a day was something I not achieve in Dec
My new goal for the month of Jan 14 2021 to Feb 14
1. 20 mins of strength Sun Mon. Wed Fri 60.mins a week
2. 60 mins a day 6 days a week cardio
it does not have to all at once I going to do some exercise snacking
which is 10 mins at a time some though out the day and I will build on the next 11 months
a spark tip I can always add more mins this is just a goal

Evaluate what has worked for you and what has not. Do you need to adjust your plan?
Looking over my fitness tackier I learned
That 60 min all at once is not always the answer
Sometimes 10 at time is what going to work
Plan meals track aim for not playing the switch around game

W - Weigh in on 1/2/2021 143
What is your goal weight for December 31, 2021? 135
Is it achievable? yes I feel 8 pounds is achievable
Put my goal weight somewhere you will see it every day. It’s on the bathroom mirror
Y - You are in charge! Only you can make the changes! Visualize yourself using your new fitness plan to help renew your commitment.
I have written my goals in my journal will go back at the end of the week and make changes that I feel will help me keep moving forward.
Using the challenges we can do with friends or on our own
Made a vision board
A check list

O - Organize! Clean up your work out area. Done its in my office dinning area
Check out exercise options available to you. Since the gym I have used is small and has limits
On the people that can come in plan on working out at home until we can get the virus under control spark had works outs on spark coach and in the fitness drop down box . I have DVDs
Cable has a huge selection of works to pick from beginner to advanced .so the gym is not high on my list right now.
U – Utilize your support system. Post plan
Done in my journal and on team challenge and now I have done a blog

Now I just need to do it
as they say it looks good on paper but to For Change I have to DO IT
The best exercise is the one you actually do.
No one can do it but ME
off I go

Set a fitness goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.
Push yourself. Because no-one else is going to do it for you.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the support helping get this far on my journey
From 200 pounds 1/14/ 2012 pounds to 143( to day ) 1/14/2021 my ninth sparkversery

this one is from Easter 2020 weight was 149 neighbor took it
not good at selfies . so this is all i have right now .

going to keep moving love spark and all the support and friends I have made
I can do it .
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