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Update on My Son's Covid-19

Sunday, January 17, 2021

As I mentioned, my 3rd son (whose on my Sparkpage) spends Xmas each year at his wife's GM's house with about 40 relatives, but to protect GM, they decided only the Son, his wife, my son & their DD would come over. When they arrived one of the 4 sisters was there, & she didn't mention she'd been to a Children's program that week without a mask. She gave them Covid-19.
My son was sick on the 5th day, and up to the 14th day. He lost 15# (he's 6'2" & 250# & a wt lifter). He had that much V&D, with loss of taste/smell & lots of sleeping.
The parents had to get steroids and Z-pack antibiotic as they were very sick.
The Aunt who has asthma was in the hospital 7 days on O2 & is home now on O2 & winded when she walks 15 ft. Her DD got it & is better. Her husband who is 69 was very ill & passed out at the hospital, so he had to have an IV & Dexamethasone. Later he had to come back for another IV, because of vomiting.

Grandma who is 92 is on Day 23 and has been in the hospital 10 days as they had O2 monitors & hers had dropped down so they took her to the ER. She's on 4 Liters of O2 & has Covid Lung and Congestive Heart Failure, but PT is getting her up as much as possible. It's anyone guess how she'll turn out.

Now my DIL is sick as she figures she got it from my son on Day 13, when she didn't think he was contagious any longer as they said day 10 would be the limit. She told me she has a fever, headache & no energy today as she tested positive on Day 17.
What is so ironic about all of this is they planned NOT to give it to GM & here because of a kid's Xmas play, she has it. (Last count I heard, 8 people had gotten it traced back to the play that night, but don't know how many they gave it to from there.)
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