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Indigo challenge for Jan 14 to 20 2021 Elevate my Nutritional goals

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Indigo challenge for Jan 14 to 20 2021
Elevate my Nutritional goals
N - Your nutrition is vital. Set a Nutritional goal for each week of January.
Since Jan is half over I plan to continue working on this in Feb.
I am going to
E - Evaluate these goals.
1.Planning meals
2 Shopping from a list
3 Tracking meals stay in range

Are they obtainable? Yes they are simple Sparky goals

Could these by lifetime goals? yes/ no for me tracking could be a problem
I do not have a lap top smart phone or I pad to get to the tracker when away on a adventure (when we are allowed ) my plan I can put them in a journal listing what I ate without the calorie count.

Did you plan your goals to include life events? Not at this time since we are in a pandemic and looks like its going to last though 2021 and gatherings and getting together is something I will not be doing any time soon.

W - Wellness, look beyond food and exercise
a good plan since so many times when we think about wellness we just think of the eating and fitness puzzle piece

I am Setting some emotional wellness goals. They are a huge piece of my wellness puzzle
Make ME time part of my day
Setting time aside to journal
Make a gratitude list I need to make them personal keep them simple examples

1. I ate a healthy name the meal
2. Got dressed no sweats put make up on have not done some days since I don’t go out

Today is the perfect day to refuel your soul, and to be grateful for each and every one of your many blessings." Unknown

Y - You are amazing. Set a goal that will help you remember that

This one is hard one for me need at times on my journey I did search for some quotes to post where I can see them each day to remind me I did change to I to make them just for ME

“I AM amazing, I am are important I AM special,
I AM unique. – Unknown

“I don’t have to be perfect to be amazing” – Unknown

E- Evaluate your eating habits.
Some days I do a good job with my eating other days I need to stop and think why did I put that in my mouth? I need to remember I am human not perfect. Yes silly foods find a way into my cart. Even with a list. The next place is my plate.

A - Analyze you past year of eating habits.
This one makes me smile, as 2020 was full of drama and my eating habits changed often during 2020
I found my self-fixing more comfort foods, often making a big Breakfast, and though out the rest of day I found my snacking until dinner. Skipping lunch some days some days I still struggle with this type of eating.

I working on adjusting my nutritional goals to include my favorite foods.
I am Try not to eliminate all my favorite foods,. Even some junk food .
When I first joined Spark People I tried eliminating favorite foods like you do on most diets
I learned on spark t I can enjoy my favorite foods and comfort foods small amounts of
:junk food’’
I don't necessarily need to trade all of my cookies fill ( in the blank ) for carrot sticks or my severing of ice cream for a carton of yogurt.
I can start by making smarter choices most of the time."
I can do it~~~~one step at a time~~~~one day at a time!

I need
1. to plan
2 measure weigh
3 Re check my plan.
4 track it
NO I don’t eat them don’t eat them everyday.

R –I need to Recognize that I have work harder on my nutrition goals this year

Reviewing my goals this week
I find I did work on my nutritional goals, some weeks not as good as I should have.
Stress drama in the media the holiday season ,not being able to be with family the weight slowly found me. 5 pounds from Thanksgiving to Jan .
I could have found more then the 5 pounds.
I am now working to get this silly eating weigh off get the scales back in the 130s keep moving until I reach 130 pounds.

thanks for stopping bye

Happy Hump day

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