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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

In 1991, a lost boy had grown up & was working as a lawyer. He was lost to his family, making promises to his children that he broke - apologizing, making more promises, & breaking them. His name was Peter Banner, & he had completely forgotten that he was once Peter Pan. He didn’t remember being a lost boy, that he fought the pirate Captain Hook, & that he lived in Neverland. His wife & children were aware of the Peter Pan stories, & that an elderly woman friend in the UK was reportedly the real Windy. He took his family to visit @ “Granny Wendy”. Peter Banner could not remember anything before a younger Wendy took him in (seems he hated seeing Windy age more every time he visited her, & chose to leave Neverland.)

He’s not that kind of lawyer

Unfortunately, Hook had Peter’s children. He wanted to make Peter fight him. Tinker Belly had to go & get Peter, & just dragged him back (thank goodness for pixie dust). Tinker Bell convinced Hook to keep the kids temporarily, & give them time to whip him into shape. Yada, yada, yada, & Peter ran into confrontations from the Lost Boys & their leader, Rufio, was definitely against him. The Boys, encouraged by Tink, put him in an intensive training camp. Tink kept trying to make him remember his past.

Tinker bell finally admitted loving Peter

Meanwhile, Hook is trying to get Jack & Maggie to like him. Maggie didn’t trust him., but Jack was starting to wear a big wig & pirate’s hat. Then came the big day of the fight. Peter wore a disguise to get to his kiddos. He. sees his son hit a baseball out of the field (it helped Jack that the pirates didn’t have a firm grasp of baseballl.) Peter is heartbroken to see Jack take Hook as a father figure. More stuff happens, Peter remembered how to fly, sword nights, Lost Boys helped fight. Hook is overcome, but weaseled himself out.Remember in the Peter Pan story Hook was deathly afraid of a crocodile with a click in his belly? Well, apparently a crocodile bit off Hook’s left hand, Somehow Hook killed the croc,& stuffed him. Somehow, the croc broke loose from the wake he was attached to, & landed on Hook & killed him.

Everyone but the pirates were happy. Peter remaindered his past & picked a new kid to take care of the other boys. He & the kids flew back to Granny Wendy’s house. Peter reunites with his wife, Moire ( Granny’s granddaughter). Peter threw away his phone. Kids are happy, parents & Granny ecstatic.

Maggie & Jack

Couldn’t find a song, but here is the music

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