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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Well, the day was going great, as my last day of isolation, and still symptom free, until I heard from Brad. His latest regiment of chemo, has left him with severe allergic reactions, which they have to pump him full of medications to counteract the reaction. This was the first chemo in 4-6 weeks, as he had to stop the chemo to take the radiation for the rib met. He will get a full body scan when he goes to NY to see his oncologist at Sloan Ketterling Memorial the beginning of March. We will know if the radiation took care of that. Today they decided to take his vitals when this happened, which each time seem to be becoming a bit harsher. They discovered his blood pressure dropped to 96/60 and his blood oxygen was 75% which he says is very bad. I know the b/p but the blood oxygen, didn't know too much, So with the drugs this time they put him on oxygen as well. The oncologist left the decision whether to continue or not to him. Of course, he chose to continue on. I am afraid his body is reacting to all this stuff. This hurt my heart to no end. I called him immediately and he said stop acting like Mom, I told him that it hurts us just as much as it does his. He told me not to worry about it. But a parent can't just turn off emotions. He made it through the chemo and is home resting now. So will keep the hurt and pain inside until two weeks from now when he starts it all over again.

Well need to finish dinner. We have salmon, rice and fruit salad for dinner. How healthy is that! And I made the decision!
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