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Monday, February 22, 2021

Florida trip ended well however the 120 degree drop in temperature that lasted 10 days was a brutal adjustment. While this past week has been slightly warmer fourteen hay deliveries was much harder in the cold temperatures. Its been busy since I am leaving out on a 2 and half week hiking trip Wed or Thursday. I realize it would be much easier staying home not taking vacations and spreading out the work schedule. However its the combinations of being more active than ever that's teaching me of new limits of productivity and conditions me to be prepared to withstand the extreme summer hay weeks. The harder I push myself between working at home and hiking vacations the easier everything becomes. Especially the crazy busy work weeks. If that makes sense.

I been doing great physically and cardiovascular. However toe and ball of foot pain has been very annoying as I have become much more active. Especially the past three months. Its my only source of pain past year that's most noticeable during harder 6 plus mile hikes, working in cold weather, real long hay days and extensive skid steer use with foot controls. I confirmed my claw like hammer toes with a specialist last week and solution is to fuse the right big toe strait and pin and straiten the eight smaller toes. I plan to get a second opinion at Rochester and and have day in and out surgery done there in December which is less traumatic than the hip replacements probably longer recovery. Lucky much improved past few days as today was a good day, 1500 bale throw no pain. Much better outlook I hope this trip vs going into my late December trip when feet were giving me a real issue. Goal to hike 100 miles this 17 day trip. I am much more aware, smarter about protecting the toes from blisters. However in the long run, considering how active I plan to be, surgery it is, refuse to put up with the annoying pain that will continue forever unfixed.

My nutrition has been OK for my current standards. Or extraordinary better than it was 8 years ago. Maintaining the 20 pound weight loss from Oct. Or 210 pound loss from 2013. 340 is not a bad number being in this good of physical condition. The goal still is 260 or under for my age and protecting my joint health Goal is to be under 320 by start of hay season, under 300 by hammer toe surgery. Ideally hit goal weight by Dec of 22. Focus on loosing it the most healthy way possible. Focus on short term consistency over next 2 years. Set up long range goals to maintain after that. Sounds simple, we all know its not.

I have been de-cluttering my food environment as much as I can at home stopped buying groceries until I use up all my frozen vegetables at home. Buy eggs, butter, occasional fruit and plain yogurt when needed. Its going to take a while maybe through May to get down to just homemade tomato juice and frozen squash. When that happens go back to buying spring greens and spinach for salads. Going to take until fall to de-clutter freezers of all the frozen things, getting rid of significant amount of seafood where all that's left is venison and beef. Great plan all very nutritional friendly food that fits my eating plan perfectly. All easier said than done of course.

Plan to hike Utah for a day hopefully Thur or Friday on drive out. Hike with my hiking friends 2 weeks then hike Utah or Arizona 3 days on drive back. No fast food or eating out, food photo accountability, daily observation weight, 8 hour eating windows and tracking all my food intake accurately are other goals. Hoping 340 turns into 335 while blogging every other day. No promises as my blogs have been non existent of late.
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