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Friday early AM ramblings

Friday, February 26, 2021

Yesterday was a great day other than being butter fingers and a klutz. I woke up with a tension headache. Easy to distinguish from my migraine. Didn't take anything just tried to chill out and relax some. I did feel like my vertigo wasn't done with me so I took my meds so I wouldn't have an attack like Wednesday mornings again. That was the worse one I've had in a couple years. My late brother and I were headed to Roane Mountain to see the rhododendron gardens in bloom on day in June a few years back. Same scenario and we were almost to the top when it hit the worst. So my son took me to run our errands today. Picked up my meds that my doctor refilled. Then he had a stop. Then we went to the grocery store first items and ended up with a cartful. That was because we realized the 2 GSs are going to be spending the weekend and we need stuff they will eat and drink. At the checkout the 12 pak of soda busted open as I aent to put it on thr checkout lane. Soda rolled every where but we wrangled them up..Then they had to be gathered up again once home.. The youngest has a food sensory disorder and getting food in him can be challenging. He's autistic so meltdowns sometimes happen. Last visit he cried the whole afternoon while his parents were shopping for groceries. So I'm hoping we can keep them both happy and trying things. I forgot to get stuff fir rice Krispy treats so may have my son stop at the Dollar store and grab them and marshmallow to make a batch or 2 while they're here. Last time that was a success. If the yard wasn't a spongy swamp and rain forecast all weekend we'd go outside but it's just too muddy for that. My new stove is supposed to be delivered Sunday. We had to reschedule because of freezing rain and then snow. Our roads are too dangerous for delivery trucks in good weather...narrow easily flooded. Rarely snowblower and if they are it's a halfway job that leaves a sheet of ice. I got 2 new rings and a pair of earrings I ordered today. One ring is blue turquoise and the other is matrix turquoise. The earrings are matrix turquoise. I wore the rings today and got compliments on them. They were a late night order , something I've been wanting but kept putting it off and finally saw something I liked so I say okay. I'm working on cleaning in the kitchen and reorganizing my mess. Plus I got a new cutting board for my counter. So I need to run it through the dishwasher before I use it. I'll also be running some canning jars through for more chis pudding and overnight oatmeal ideas I have in mind. I forgot to get more fruit, oh well I will experiment other ways or with what I have on hand. I fixed stir fry for dinner lots of veggies. I knocked a bowl off. Thankfully it didn't break. My son was trying to put a 10lb bag oof flour in a canister after it fell off the counter and the bag busted all the way up the seam. Flour was everywhere. Got it cleaned up, finally. A regular 3-ring circus, lol. Well I'm off to get busy. Take care ofnyourself as you can't do much if you allow yourself to wear down to total exhaustion or burnout. Stay hydrated. It does a body good. Stay safe. Sending you all love and hugs and prayers. Thank you for stopping by to check on me.
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