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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Morning Sparkies,

It seemed like a long week this week :), waiting for the results of the holter overnight experience. On Wednesday the Cardiologist personal assistant called and said, " We have received the results of the holter and he wants to see you tomorrow at 12:15"

I knew they had found something ... do do doooo :)

It was Hubby's birthday so he spent the afternoon in the hot car waiting to see what was happening.

Outcome of tests ...

I have a 70% blockage in the left artery and a 40% blockage in the right one.
He has stopped some of my meds immediately and added one until I can get into Hospital for an angiogram and a stent. We don't have Health Insurance so I will be on a waiting list.

He said the scale was A B C ... I am A or B

So my awful back pain, 'fuzzy' brain and memory and dizziness was lack of blood supply :(

Then he said "whose fault is it ?"

I answered "Mine" he said genetics

Smoking ? Both parents smoked and between 17 and 20 so did I .

Heart problems ? Mum had unstable angina ... so do I ...

Any stents? Dad went in to get fitted however they could not get it into the artery and he had to keep taking blood thinners.

I am believing things are better now days and they will be able to fit mine :)

So I wait, the new tab has helped with the back pain and brain "fuzz" it is aspirin and clopidogrel.

So I told him about the brain freeze and he got his PA to type out a page to remind me of what I had to do :-

Stop two tablets --- get new script filled --- keep GTN handy--- wait for hospital to advise a date to come in --- go to hospital if needed and give Cardios details.

Urgently get blood test done that day . They were so lovely.

Our Bloods places close at 1 pm here this was 1:06 when I got out.

Called Hubby went back to home town put script in at Pharmacy, went to new GP office as advised by Cardio and got an appointment to see new GP. Asked about after hours bloods, they knew a place open till 4 pm .

Hubby drove me over there and got bloods done.

I would like to say I was fine about all this .... I was glad to know and glad to be on the waiting list ... I was glad to have my Cardiologist.. so glad to have a good husband...

The next morning I started the new med and the back pain is now minimal ... ahh...

It has been one thing after another over the last few months ... I am up to the challenge :)

In the week while I waited for the results I knit this a couple of rows a day

It is an headband

I realized my friends birthday is in March and started this

it will be a scarf when finished.

So there it is ... things happen I am glad I will be getting it done ... I am glad I have you to tell all these things to ... another reminder of how we need friends and to be heard :)

I had an angiogram in 2012 and they said minimal damage apparently menopause doesn't help :)

Thanks for ploughing through my blog and thanks for caring



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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh, my goodness I'm glad I stopped by!
    Good luck with all you medical stuff. As you saw in my blog, I'm on another monitor. This is 4 times in 8 months. My problem is all electrical. All the "wires" are crossed an my heart does what and when it wants to.
    Meds help a lot. I hadn't understood I chest discomfort until I didn't.
    It sounds like you are in good, caring hands and I hope all goes well.
    Yep, damage may have been done a long time ago but going forward we both can try to do better, Right?
    44 days ago
    So now you know what it is. Sad that you have to be on a waiting list. Keep taking care of yourself! Sending you lots of good thoughts!

    46 days ago
    We're here for you, Christine. DH had 2 stents put in 10 years ago and is doing much better. He has to stay on Clopidegril all the time though.
    Hope everything goes smoothly for you and you feel better.
    47 days ago
    Happy birthday to your hubby. If I’m reading your blog correctly, your hubby’s birthday is on the 25th. Am I correct? emoticon

    Thanks for the update on your medical condition. I’m praying for you that you will get what you need soon. In the meantime, keep up your spirits and I will be constantly thinking of you and wishing you the best!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful knitting work. It keeps your mind and your fingers busy. But, don’t overdo it. Rest when you can.

    Take care of yourself and keep us posted. I’m happy to be a part of your life! emoticon

    48 days ago
    Wow, at least the found what is going on with you, and you will get the procedures done. I pray sooner then later. Sending hugs from California!
    49 days ago
    Hoping for better news, of course, but you now have the answers and a solution

    I'm glad the back pain has improved and once the stent is in, your life will be so much better.

    You have a whole world of Spark friends here thinking and praying for you emoticon
    49 days ago
    Even though it wasn’t the news you wanted, you at least know now and have a game plan. That is helpful and it seems like the news meds are helping you. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    49 days ago
  • READY201811
    I was thinking of you all week and praying for fast results. Sorry you have to go thru this but thankfully is fixable. Will be praying you can get it down right away and back home taking care of beauty. Love the headbands!
    49 days ago
    We do care and we are here to listen.

    I am sorry that the news was not more positive but you knew something was wrong and you paid attention to the signals from your body and you've set up the opportunity for the appropriate treatment.

    As you say, stent instalment is so much more advanced now and there's every reason to hope that all will proceed smoothly.

    And yes, the incredible blessing of having a good husband . . . and you are a good wife to him too.

    Sending healing thoughts to your part of the world.
    49 days ago
    So sorry to hear that you need a stent, but . . . it's a fix! Hang in there. In the meantime, at least you have a bit of a fix for the back pain.

    HUGS and best of luck going forward. Glad you have answers, though they're not what you hoped for. Darn gene pool. I didn't swim in the best gene pool, either, but . . . we can still take care of ourselves, right!

    49 days ago
    Well, that sucks!

    But. A BIG BUT, is that know you know what's been causing some of your problems and there's something that can be done about it. Sometimes,when we get bad news it can still be a good thing. Try to find the silver lining in all things.

    Just think, in a year from now, this will all be behind you and you will feel healthier than you have in a long time.

    Hats off to your hubby who spent his special day making sure you got all of your medical stuff done that you could!
    49 days ago
  • DALID414
    49 days ago
    Happy Saturday
    50 days ago
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