How long is this going to take???

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My question how long is this going to take! Isn't serious..or is it? LOL. I am dedicated, and I do love Sparks. But...I also know it is slow going. I remember when I was younger weight seemed to just fly off! I also realize if I only lose 1 pound a week, I will be done before the year is up. And if I don't try, the year will go by anyway. Right? My husband made this Irish Oatmeal (the real deal), and I had it for lunch w/ raisins and almonds, and cinnamon and sweet & low. It is very good for me because it doesn't have sodium, which is one thing I can do to help my illness, cut down on sodium. Also drink a lot of I should try to do that too. It has been raining for days. I am lucky my husband does all the running around, shopping taking our son to school etc, but it is a bore. Did dance to six songs today. Every ounce I lose is exciting, and I hope for success in the days ahead!
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    Hey Bonnie!
    You're doing great, no matter what the scale says. Just remember that this is a process. I know it's hard, but try not to focus on the numbers. You are learning a whole new lifestyle, and just logging in here every day is a huge victory. We love having you here, too!
    Hang in there!
    4780 days ago
  • PAMELA984
    Enjoying your blog (all of them) - you sound like you have plenty of energy - that is good - channel it to make you a more fit person! I'm only 4'11" so 5'3" sounds like a giant - lol
    4780 days ago
    Hang in there! You can do it!!! Just the other day I was thinking to myself that it seemed to be taking forever, and a wonderful fellow Spark person pointed out that I'm almost 1/3 of the way through. That will be you, too. Just hang in there and focus on Today, one meal at a time.
    4780 days ago
    Your journey will last forever, that is the best part, make it what you want and enjoy it. Hopefully the weightloss will not take that long, but even if it does you will learn new things along the way that will help you. I lost approx 1 lb per week for a year and was very happy with how easily the small changes to my lifestyle fit in and made it possible. Also, the skin adjusts to the small losses much better than the big losses--less saggin, lol. Keep on trying, YOU are worth it! Liz
    4781 days ago
    Progress, however slow it seems, get's you that much closer to goal. Trust me, it's not how quickly you get there, it's getting there that counts the most.

    My original goal of 145 was set to be the end of July 2007, I finally reached it November 11, first the frustration was taking hold further impeding my progress then I had my realization....once I relieved the "pressure of an end date" (diet thinking by the way) I was able to work towards my goal with a healthy attitude....which will take you so much further than you can possibly imagine.
    4781 days ago
    Yes, regardless the year will come and go. But at a pound loss a week, the year will go by and you will look and feel better for Christmas Holidays. I know the slow and steady route will be easier to stay on course as you move forward toward your healthier lifestyle goals. You can do it!!!!
    4782 days ago
    GOOD PERSPECTIVE!!!! :) And I'm sure you will have several weeks where you'll lose more than 1lb. I started this thing January 07 and now I'm ALMOST down 100lbs since I started SparkPeople on 1/15 -- yes, it took a whole year for that to happen, but now that it's over it feels like a speedy transformation and I'll never go back. :)
    4782 days ago
    You have the right attitude Bonnie: when the year is up, we can either say I've made progress or say I could have made progress. That time will never be gotten back, so we can just go along accomplising something! But it IS hard work. Sparking makes it so much easier. Keep on dancing!
    4782 days ago
  • MARLA7
    Bonnie - I know we get frustrated at times that the weight doesn't just "fly off us" like it used to. But our lifestyles have changed a lot...we've slowed things down. I do believe strongly that physical activity (in my case, walking) is THE KEY to getting rid of this excess weight & keeping it off for good. I'm glad you blogged this today though. It takes my mind off my problems & shows me that others out there are having some of the same frustrations & feelings. We just need to stay focused on the long term goals & keep on keeping on. It'll all work out. Marla
    4782 days ago
  • DEBP1961
    Hi Bonnie - I know what you're saying! It does seem to take forever but you've got the right attitude - the time's going by anyway - might as well make it worth something :) I'll keep that in mind when times get tough!
    4782 days ago
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