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Biking More Lately
Sunday, July 26, 2020      6 comments

I've been trying to bike more lately. A couple of years ago, I bought myself a very nice bike (solely for comfort - not for speed), but never used it much until this summer. Now that I've lost quite a bit of weight, biking is more fun, although ... Read more
Haven't Been Blogging Lately
Tuesday, November 05, 2019      4 comments

I had intended to start blogging more regularly, in particular to help me work through some grief issues regarding one of my daughters, from whom I am estranged. I've been pretty happy in other areas of my life, which is partly the reason I hav... Read more
NAMI Meeting Tonight
Sunday, October 27, 2019      4 comments

I just looked up NAMI, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, and found out that that they have a support group meeting TONIGHT, coincidentally. So I should probably try going to it, and see what happens. It might be exactly what I need to ... Read more
Friday, October 25, 2019      3 comments

I've been working with a counselor on my eating habits and issues. One of the surprising things that we've uncovered is that I have some grieving that I need to do. I have two family members who I've cut out of my life for the sake of my own sa... Read more
Monday, October 21, 2019      0 comments

I've been very indecisive about what app to use to log things. I like Baritastic, since it tracks so many things that are important after bariatric surgery, & I use a Bellabeat fitness tracker, & I really like SparkPeople and have been using it ... Read more
New Thing I Tried Yesterday
Wednesday, October 16, 2019      4 comments

I work at a University, and every year around this time I see an email offering 1-2 weeks of a free exercise class for women over 40. I always intend to do it, but I either procrastinate or forget until it's too late. Now that I'm doing my Couc... Read more
Sheesh! I did it again!
Thursday, October 10, 2019      1 comments

So I ate very healthy yesterday - green smoothie for breakfast, then a lovely salad for lunch. I was feeling virtuous, and since I needed to go grocery shopping after work, I decided to stop at a local diner where they have some really healthy o... Read more
Eating Issues
Tuesday, October 08, 2019      3 comments

I had bariatric surgery early this year, then had a complication a week later and another surgery. At times I still have a hard time remembering to eat slowly & carefully - if I forget, then I throw up (or I wish that I could). Last night was o... Read more
A new week has begun!
Monday, October 07, 2019      2 comments

Well I got a bit off track with running last week - it's amazing how much a mild cold affected me. I finally got back to running Sunday morning, though I had to walk a few minutes a few times - so I didn't run for the whole 25 minutes without st... Read more
Successful Doctor Visit
Thursday, October 03, 2019      0 comments

So I just returned from a visit to the doctors who are monitoring my weight and health. I'm down 87 pounds and feeling GREAT! Well, to be technically correct, I saw the nutritionist just now, and will see the physician in just under an hour (the... Read more
Time To Get Back To Blogging
Tuesday, October 01, 2019      0 comments

My life has changed in a lot of good ways this year. I've lost a lot of weight (85 pounds so far). I now run, hike, kayak, and bike enthusiastically. I feel more energetic than I have in probably 20 years. But recently I became aware that I need... Read more
Working In A 14 Floor Building
Tuesday, July 23, 2019      4 comments

One HUGE benefit to working in a very tall building is the unlimited potential for exercise. Although I've worked there for a number of years, I'm embarrassed to say that until a few weeks ago, I never made a concerted effort to take the stairs ... Read more
Doing This For ME!
Tuesday, July 16, 2019      1 comments

I've lost quite a bit of weight now, and sometimes I'm disappointed when people don't notice or acknowledge it. But just this morning I caught myself feeling that way & realized how silly that is! After all, I did all of this for ME so I could h... Read more
70 Pounds Gone
Wednesday, June 12, 2019      4 comments

As of this morning, I've lost 70 pounds. It's wonderful to be able to say that, but I have to admit I'm struggling. Frankly, I miss my best friend, food/overeating. I'm beginning to realize that the mental work I have to do is going to be the ha... Read more
Future Reward For Me
Friday, October 27, 2017      1 comments

Yesterday I made a 30 day walking commitment, and began tracking food once again. I had forgotten how simple it is to track food on SparkPeople. I think I'll reward myself when I accomplish 1 week of consistent food tracking & following my walk... Read more

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