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Pooh!! 🐻
Wednesday, April 08, 2020      9 comments

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. Big statement especially when I'm stuck in a... Read more
That Moment
Saturday, March 07, 2020      3 comments

That Moment Teenagers, I'm not sure what to think of mine. He's made me age about 100 year's. I feel it in my core, I should have the strongest, most sc... Read more
Why Won't My Weight MOVE (away)
Saturday, December 21, 2019      10 comments

Today is my rest day, we'll see how that goes. Yesterday I hurt my back again somehow, don't know how I did but I did. So today in just going to rest and take it easy see how it goes. I may end up doing a 10 minute workout anyways because I'm... Read more
Become the Best Version Of You
Sunday, December 01, 2019      6 comments

Since April 2013 I've been struggling with this one. I haven't been the best version of me because pain has had its evil grasps on me. My life revolv... Read more
Migraines WHY
Sunday, October 06, 2019      12 comments

From September 3rd up until October 2nd I had a migraine. Some day's worse then others. I thought my OTC medication and prescribed meds would suffice, they didn't. So I wound up at my Neurologist's office. He decreased one med added two more... Read more
Saturday, September 21, 2019      6 comments

Signed up for my first 5K run/walk since my car accident today. I'm SO looking forward to living again. Start training tomorrow. Wish me the best of... Read more
Yes I will
Friday, September 20, 2019      4 comments

😍... Read more
Sweaty Post Workout
Thursday, September 19, 2019      3 comments

I'm really trying with this weight loss journey. Some days are more tough then others. I'm currently in the plateau program. Sucks because I want to... Read more
Sunday, September 15, 2019      8 comments

Bad flare day. Really dislike having Neuralgia, it's SO unpredictable. I've been doing so good lately and then I woke up in severe pain, nauseated, m... Read more
This Morning Oh This Morning
Saturday, September 14, 2019      6 comments

We have a birthday party for our neighbor who turned 91. I was told they were going to have my favorite dish Menudo. Oh yum. I so want a bowl but I ... Read more
Friday, September 13, 2019      2 comments

πŸ™ƒ... Read more
Day 1
Thursday, September 12, 2019      7 comments

The hardest part πŸ˜•... Read more
Bragging right's
Wednesday, September 11, 2019      3 comments

πŸ˜…... Read more
Woke up blessed
Tuesday, September 10, 2019      5 comments

When I wake up beyond blessed is always a good day. I might be sore in places I never knew existed but hey I know they exist now and I love them. Getting in shape is a reward I don't regret doing at all. I just regret not taking this journey... Read more

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