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Just trying to eat healthy
Wednesday, January 09, 2019      2 comments

Now it is Jan 9. I am just eating healthy, not vegan or pescatarian, or anything, for now. Trying to still have 2 servings of full-fat dairy per day, as doing so is supposed to reduce the risk of stroke by 32%. So, I guess because of this... Read more
Starting fresh Jan 1st
Wednesday, December 19, 2018      2 comments

I think I am finally going to make a firm decision as to what I am going to eat starting Jan 1. I am going to try and be a low-carb vegan. I just hope I can actually stick with it, I tried keto for a few days and eating all of that fat really... Read more
Backing off the Vegan way for now.
Sunday, October 28, 2018      2 comments

I think I realized that I have been too caught up in the quest to be perfect in trying to be vegan. As much as I love animals and do plan to become either pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan at some point, I have decided to make my quest to lose ... Read more
Starting again with vegan eating
Friday, September 14, 2018      2 comments

Hello out there! Well I have continued to have yet more health issues these past two weeks that started with a fall which resulted in hematomas and swelling of my right leg. The ER did tests and luckily ruled out any blood clots. However, ... Read more
Dates and my OCD
Sunday, August 05, 2018      5 comments

In a way I guess i have functional OCD, wherein it doesnt really impact my life that much. It does though, effect my mind and causes me anxiety. My OCD tells me that to start eating vegan, I must start on a date that is a combo of an even and ... Read more
My house
Saturday, August 04, 2018      4 comments

Well, I was able to clean off my dining room table the other day, so that is an accomplishment! I still have so much to do though. It is hard. Tonight we are going to my sister and brother-in-laws summer cottage for a cookout. I have not se... Read more
Cleaning and organizing
Friday, July 27, 2018      4 comments

So today I need to stop procrastinating and get my kitchen, dining room and living room cleaned up! Yesterday I procrastinated by going shopping (another area in which I need to make changes). I feel so overwhelmed by my house! It is hard for ... Read more
Out and about
Monday, July 23, 2018      4 comments

So today I am going to a small city to do some shopping and to meet a friend for a drink. Normally, being out and about is dangerous for me because I either stop at convenience stores for unhealthy snacks, or restaurants for desserts. But ... Read more
Tired of starting over and writing new goal dates
Saturday, July 21, 2018      4 comments

So here I am, having gained 10 pounds while on vacation and not eating healthfully. I punched in the numbers and it will probably take longer than August 1, 2019 to reach my goal. In the past, I would have re-written all of my goals regarding ... Read more
Trying to eat plant based.
Tuesday, July 03, 2018      4 comments

So since Sunday I have been eating plant based. I am going to try to stick with it , with few exceptions. My son and his girlfriend are going to cook me dinner Wed, and they are being so nice thay I will eat whatever they make me. Then go ri... Read more