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Nerves of longer miles & unplanned plans
Friday, November 04, 2011      9 comments

I had planned on starting to add miles again in 3 weeks. Longest I have run has been 10 miles. I was going to start adding a mile for 2 weeks a scale back week and then 1 more add a mile week. Then that would put me @ 13 miles so I would finally... Read more
Injury, tired, & annoyed OH MY
Thursday, November 03, 2011      9 comments

This is part of today's status: Today I am tired, annoyed, & irritated w/ my "injuries". Just going to do NOTHING all day. Since I already did my 5 mile run....:) I am truly all of that. My mother's dogs will not stop barking becaus... Read more
Wounds, Self Doubt, Sabotage, & Halloween
Monday, October 31, 2011      12 comments

Oh boy. Lovely things to be experiencing. Wounds: 1.5 miles into my 5 mile run this morning I decided to eat cement....that apparently was not enough for the cement so it took a bunch of my skin WITH it and left me full of dirty wounds. Did... Read more
Oh the things that are bothering me.....
Saturday, October 29, 2011      9 comments

Well well....I have a few things that are bothering me today. Indeed. So here I go.... Let's start off with my 10 mile run. To sum it up, it was NOT a hard run AT ALL. I enjoyed it. What I did not enjoy was the outcome of it. It was the lon... Read more
October 26, 2011
Wednesday, October 26, 2011      6 comments

Past few days have felt like they have been super busy. Though when I was done doing the things I had to do I felt restless. Like I should be doing cardio of some sort!!! Drives me nuts feeling bored. The day before yesterday I had pizza f... Read more
October 24, 2011
Monday, October 24, 2011      6 comments

Well hello there world! Not much to report. Had a sort of busy weekend. I do not blog on weekends I realized and that is good because that is the family time when the husband is home and I really do not want to be in front of the computer b... Read more
Today's thoughts...October 21, 2011
Friday, October 21, 2011      5 comments

Hmm....I have a little to talk about. Just jibber jabber. :) I had a 8 mile run this morning. I did it just fine and dandy. All on only 30 mins sleep. LITERALLY. ONLY 30 mins. The adrenaline would not go away!! ;) Probably because all I kep... Read more
In response to my LAST blog (from earlier today!) :)
Thursday, October 20, 2011      9 comments

Thank you alll sooo very much!! It means so much to me to have all the support you guys showed me regarding my last blog and the big decision! ;) If you have not already read go ahead and read now then come back ;) Keep the support coming, ... Read more
What did I do!!!!!?
Thursday, October 20, 2011      17 comments

I have officially signed up for my FIRST marathon! It is happening November 3, 2012. I have NEVER even ran a 1/2 marathon. I currently can only run 10.5 miles (on LONG runs I run 20-25 miles a week now). I imagine I can run half of it and n... Read more
October 19, 2011
Wednesday, October 19, 2011      5 comments

I hope you read my other blog I JUST posted. It means so much to me. Just in case here is the link...
al.asp?blog_id=4543435 Thank You if you did read it! :') This... Read more
Mountain of Defeat...NO LONGER! :') (Pictures, pictures, & more pictures)
Wednesday, October 19, 2011      17 comments

I JUST posted this on my blogger site. I would re post it on here but it has tons of pictures. So please click the link and go read it. It means so much to me!!! PLEASE. :) Thank you! shrinkinrunner.blogspot.
com/2011/10/moun... Read more
October 18, 2011
Tuesday, October 18, 2011      4 comments

Yesterday even though I was not hungry I decided to have carrots and cauliflower so I would get 60 extra calories. Of course afterwards I felt guilty and started the cycle of beating myself up. Then I recited "low is bad." Trying to convince mys... Read more
October 17, 2011
Monday, October 17, 2011      6 comments

Hello friends! :) Back on track as of yesterday. Food and exercise. Both were horrible due to being sick. Yesterday I started feeling alright enough where I said I am done being in fat mode. Then I pushed myself out @ night to do my nightly... Read more
October 13, 2011
Thursday, October 13, 2011      6 comments

Not much to say. I wanted to blog so that I keep up with it everyday no matter what. I am sicker then yesterday and blah blah blah. It gets worse before it gets better. Someone commented on my blog making a very valid good point...I wa... Read more
October 12, 2011
Wednesday, October 12, 2011      5 comments

I went from fighting off the cold for past 6-7 days to full blown cold yesterday evening. Totally "sucks". So my eating went from perfect to blah at that time. I fought the urge to have 2 sausage sandwiches for dinner. I made chicken sausage and... Read more

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