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Where I am today
Thursday, September 29, 2016      2 comments

Where I am today. NOT feeling hopeless, but at the moment, honestly - immobile. I am going to work on my health and weight again - soon - not at this moment. Then again, writing about it IS working on it. I managed to not get laid off la... Read more
Whew! Mars Update
Thursday, August 16, 2012      9 comments

Must've just been the storms. Mars made NO attempts yesterday or last night to get on my bed. I did however, find out he can open JARS. Whine. He got a jar of hot salsa off the kitchen counter - without breaking it - took it into the liv... Read more
Tales from the Far Side of Mars
Wednesday, August 15, 2012      7 comments

Currently there are 2 dogs in my house - one a failed foster named Ella, a sweet, timid Australian Shepherd mix. The other a foster - a beautiful chocolate brown Pittie - an older gentleman, but definately with a playful side & very loving. Oh... Read more
Decisions, Decisions....
Monday, January 16, 2012      8 comments

I discovered "dog rescue" videos on youtube over the weekend. I know what I'd like to do with my life now - lol?? The trouble is, I've got to make a living also. What I've studied in school was "Medical Front Office," but my professor als... Read more
Friday, January 07, 2011      5 comments

Rats. The words "rats", has special meaning to me - LOL. Mostly, when I say the word by itself, it makes me think of my dear little Dad, who passed away last year. Towards the end, the doctor decided to try ONE MORE blood transfusion ... Read more
Old Dog trying New Tricks
Sunday, November 21, 2010      4 comments

I'm supposed to go register for school tomorrow & I'm starting to panic for whatever reason. This is such a huge step for me - a housebound-selfemployed/housew
ife/mother for the last 20 years. And I've been ok with with it mentally up t... Read more
What is that woman THINKING!
Monday, July 26, 2010      5 comments

I like exercising to videos/DVDs at home, & lately have been finding a few new ones to try at the library. Well this morning it was Jillians 30 day Shred. I did the 20 workout of Phase 1, & actually partially kind of enjoyed it. HOWever. The... Read more
New Ideas.... Crazy??
Friday, May 07, 2010      4 comments

Ok, here I 50. Thinking CRAZZYY things! My 93 year old Dad's nurse, whom I talk to alot, said I should go to nursing (LVN) school. I immediately & repeatedly told her that was NUTS!!! She finally said, Ok, she'd lay off. But she pla... Read more
Copy & Paste Christmas Link.....
Monday, December 07, 2009      4 comments

I've done this several times, & apparently it's ok - like no viruses or anything. I think it is NEAT! :) You'll probably have to copy & paste it - I think....Jenn
holm5215/Untilxmas/Index.html... Read more
Thank You Each & Every One
Wednesday, December 02, 2009      6 comments

I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated all my team members & friends here at Sparks, who have been so kind & encouraging to me, through all the "upheavals" etc I've had recently, & also on my birthday. I tried to keep up at first, res... Read more
Guess I should "Get Over It"
Wednesday, November 18, 2009      6 comments

Have been having a very emotional month, with Empty Nest coming on like a freight train, timing perfectly with the holidays. DS has been invited by his "girlfriend" to Thanksgiving dinner to meet her family. I told him to tell them that she wo... Read more
Sad again - DANG IT!
Tuesday, November 10, 2009      11 comments

Having that Empty Nest crap again. Heard a song on the radio today - can't remember much ab0ut it except the words, "You're already halfway gone." My son is still living at home - I guess - but like the song says..... Having trouble carin... Read more
A Life Changing 24 Hours
Friday, October 23, 2009      10 comments

This blog is not meant to be inspiring or anything. It just is what it is. A week ago, my husband would have been considered one of the healthiest people around. No heart trouble, diabetes, obesity, NOTHING. Today - he is an insurance ris... Read more
Do I Want to be in the Same Place This Time Next Week/Month
Tuesday, August 04, 2009      4 comments

Well, time does fly. I was going to write this several WEEKS ago, but procrastination has this effect. And this blog isn't about procrastination, but rather about change, & being willing & ready to do it. I used to know a friend that wa... Read more
March 07 & Middle Age
Saturday, March 10, 2007      1 comments

I'm trying valiently to get back on track & lose maybe 5 lbs(?) by Easter. I'm trying to do the best I can with exercise, but I've had so many frickin physical problems lately it's ridiculous. I'm starting to feel like a hypochondriac. My should... Read more